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China aluminium Tan vegetable plant electrolyte

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recently, the Jin aluminium builds the company garrison China Ze aluminium battery Tan vegetable plant construction car Mobile Crusher Supplier  , electrolyte broken up system reformation the item formally start work.

Originally the electrolysis plant grag anticipates and returns first to save Anne's hospital broken up, then pull to??from the three-wheeled cart a construction to counter-attack crusher(counter-attack type crusher) strap to be online into flow process.This year 5-6 month the grag anticipate to directly pack into remnants pole the tray internality pack to unload station to be online Artificial Sand Making Machine  , in order to anticipating a mass to usually block up to anticipate too greatly, it is low to produce an effciency, equipments accident poly -.Behind Be led many research discussions by company, decide to be designed hospital design the broken up system reformation item by aluminium plant in Shanxi, the item always invests about 1,600,000 dollars.

According to know Pozzolana Cement Production Line  , the system is up the foundation originally possessed a workflow in the anti change and increase a jaw type crusher and three strap sonveyors to used for grag to anticipate to be online and saved Anne's hospital to no longer use at first.

This system reformation item raised a production effciency and lowered production cost.

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