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2013 broken up plumb profession the seminar convene in Yantai, Shandong

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June 28, 2013, national head broken up plumb profession the seminar hold in Yantai.The meeting mainly aims at to fall in pieces a present condition in the plumb market, product to get stripe at home and abroad, the specification profession contentses Bauxite Crushing Plant  , such as standard and perfect service system...etc. carried on a thorough exchanges and study.

general assembly term, accurate machinery incorporated company president Sung Eddy in Yantai flew to announce a lecture, he pointed out at present rigorous international great environment, overcast local economic situation and had no preface competition of broken up machine marketing environment under, broken up machine profession how pass technique innovation and brand luck camp to project several depths besieged, have already become the maximum challenge that the profession flesh side faces.Always, the Eddy accurate machinery incorporated company in Yantai only stays around orally to the development anti that falls in pieces a machine.Past three years Chrome Beneficiation Plant  , we throw in annually all about 10,000,000 dollars on the development of broken up machine related item.Pass a development, raised our stability and reliability of product mass, raised the work efficiency of product, lengthened product operate life, and in maintaining maintenance more convenience turn, humanization etc..Secondly, how pass technique innovation to quickly carry out a getting stripe of product to change generation and how promote product quality and raise core competencies, finally carry out a brand luck camp, set up Chinese brand image to have become broken up machine profession current and future development of necessarily from of road.

Sung fly a president to still believe firmly, opportunity and challenge are always keep both.No matter under all circumstances, the opportunity stays to those persons who have preparation just forever Gravel Crushing Equipment  .Though the economic situation allows of no optimism at present, probably will keep on a longer period.Want ??only everyone joint effort, treat with a common mindset, hard firm complete a business enterprise of each operate in the management, expect to come in the next economic development high tide of, broken up the machine is definitely our race products, will follow before walking on the international market most!For the engineering machinery of China profession, he is always full of confidence;For the broken up machine industry of China, he is always full of a hope!Eddy, wish sincerity of with local broken up machine production business enterprise together is Chinese engineering machinery profession of rising offer humble effort!

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