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The Russian customer arrives mountain beautiful the mineral

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July 4, the Russian customer comes mountain beautiful mineral machine the factory area check goods.The Russian customer accompanied by the mountain beautiful foreign trade minister visited mountain the United States to produce a car Mobile Crusher Price  , and cautiously checked two purchasing PP series tires removal the type fall in pieces a station, and made to the product function all-directions test, to test process and all mean a satisfaction as a result.

mountain the beautiful PP series tire type travel broken up the station is divided into a jaw type the removal fall in pieces station, cone type removal broken up station, counter-attack type removal broken up station with sign shaft impact type the removal fall in pieces a station.Mountain beautiful removal broken up station adoption latest of removal broken up technique Coal Crusher For Sale  , full the removal of satisfying the customer to fall in pieces a request, together fix type broken up the equipments compare, consumedly lower the customer's luck camp cost.

mountain beautiful PP series tire type travel broken up station Be had as follows a design characteristics:

1.The design of traveling the site matches international standard and owns light according to specification and makes system.The bedrock adopts a big piece surface section steel, for heavy carry a design.

2.Travel the bedrock adoption U type girder design, lowered the whole height of removal station, consumedly lowered the shipment cost of broken up material.

3.Adopt a hydraulic pressure to pay a leg(choose to pack), easy to spot set;Anticipate a bin adoption assembly design, consumedly lower a carriage height.

introduce according to the beautiful technical personnel of mountain, this time customer buys of tire removal the E type fall in pieces station and tire to travel cone to fall in pieces station all for at present on the market the product of tallest function, two among those stands removals type falls in pieces an of station the leg, shaking screen all adopt a hydraulic pressure rise type Calcium Carbonate Crusher Plant  , strap machine division all for the removal type, make the whole removal production line is in the process of operating in more convenient, the automatic function is higher.

in the material, its main engine easy Sun piece the adoption wear resistance higher material, not only lengthened very greatly in working time limit, but also to a great extent that lowered operation cost for customer, create higher value for it.

mountain the beautiful foreign trade minister mean:“Is this time to check goods, mountain the United States not only made a show of careful work attitude and good product mass to the Russian customer, and aggressive complete a communication with customer in time, understand a Russian market in detail more, this produces in the development of Russian market to the company bigger promote action, urge company more the prison prison stand firm a Russian market.”

mountain in Shanghai is beautiful the heavy type the mineral mountain machinery limited company is China leading of broken up screening equipments the manufacturer is Germany admire mark company the joint venture company in China.Mountain the United States owns to modernly process the ability of making and constitute to??from the excellent engineer of development troops, company from establish always insist to the new product, new technique of devote major efforts to develop, make the product of development have international advanced level.

currently provide whole series for customer broken up screening equipments and complete solution, the product includes the jaw type crusher, the cone type crusher, backstroke type crusher and sign type impact crusher(make sand machine), shaking screen and bank sand recall apparatus, wheel type to travel broken up station and track type to travel a broken up station.Professional experience that especially accumulates for several years becomes a set disposal equipments and attains international advanced level the building garbage developing.

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