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Promote from international economic technique

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April 28, promote from international economic technique cooperation in China the news conference that will convene in the Senkaku Islands guesthouse of Peking up learn of, a kind of all new design, novel shape coal crusher for sale  , application extensively and efficiently economy energy, green environmental protection of many use crusher whole equipments& mdash;—“Circularly slice to rub crusher& rdquo;, From Shandong speedy dollar work Mao limited company the strong force release.

the equipments' special technique design and science of broken up make a jig type, is burning Huang the descendant is another greatly invent, filled up domestic and international blank.The equipments' one machines use more Sand Washing Plant Manufacturers  , 1 time automatically circulates after the feed broken up, can directly fall in pieces to attain an use request, guide a world from technique to craft, become broken up machinery deveolp new milestone in history.

the mineral mountain machinery& ldquo;Circularly slice to rub crusher& rdquo;Is a metallurgy, cement, building and way, porcelain and ceramics and glass, refractories and artificial to build sand, abradant, coal, and various mineral(rock) stone...etc. numerous main equipmentses of production profession essential to haves, at primary industry, heavy type there is prominent action in the industrial production.The nation has high-tech aerospace technique to make“Satellite& rdquo;God;The folks has already invented a patent technique to let as well“Circularly slice to rub crusher& rdquo;Convert productivity.

the broken up machinery is the foundation of industrial development, having no its many industrial productionses will have no from start to talk about.Currently our country crusher craft majority of adoptions are original 50's in 20th century Soviets wests to receive the Si type and Europe and America 6, 70's technique, broken up the mode is mainly to bump a shot and ?? dozen, the craft is old to fall behind, the effciency is lowly inability, if processφthe mineral(rock) stone of 600 ©Ls want to processφ6 ©L grains need to be passed by thick break, medium break, thin break etc. several work prefaces.

from ascend a stage fall in pieces the next stage broken up, in the center still need to sieve, transport a craft.Again and again and up and down anticipate, in multiple layers sieving, use work many, the labor strength is big, the Zao voice is big, dust poly -, take up site greatly, stain the environment seriously have been the hard nut to crack that perplexs to fall in pieces profession Graphite Powder Making Machine  .Break from the beginning thin break, from sieve to transport a link power, this low effciency is hing energy-consuming to not only aggravate the cost burden of business enterprise, but also let social management lamella many in the last yearses are helpless and have a headache, all expect a new product to publish.

speedy dollar the work Mao limited company aim in Shandong perplex to fall in pieces a machinery profession hard nut to crack and throw in large numbers of strength and a huge sum of funds and rely on support of local institute of higher education and well-known expert, the decade grinds one sword and successively develops gave birth to& ldquo;The multistage falls in pieces the grain machine& rdquo;, At multistage broken up grain machine number the foundation of the generation, the next generation product up, they unremittingly force, dissatisfied foot, from change the oneself thinking start to make, to higher request to move forward.

the president of the company and chief lord create Mr. Liu Fu Qing to put forward:“Science wants creation, thinking to want a many angles, technique to raise and deveolp to have to be better”Of operate policy, under his leadership, company overall research personnel, the Ning cenre gathers force and makes the research train of the company facing higher target sprint.After several years courageously war, Shandong speedy dollar work Mao the limited company developed again their third generation product& ldquo;Circulating grain crusher& rdquo;And file time the fourth generation product& ldquo that is higher to meet effective demand more;Circularly slice to rub crusher& rdquo;.

“Circularly slice to rub crusher& rdquo;Being so-called new is principle to found first, our country current crusher majority for lie prone a lie type and squat down a lie type to have a little amount“The cone breaks”.The model of this kind of old style destined it single make work of function, fall in pieces thing from big arrive small want to like to be qualified material very difficult, have to pass by thick, medium and thin the trivial link breaking etc. complete, its irregularity is obvious.

“Circularly slice to rub crusher& rdquo;Of the design principle is the equipments& ldquo that lets to lie prone to lie, squat down to lie;Stand”Get up, anticipate from the top hurl, thick, medium and thin from ascend arrive bottom the graduation freely slice to pare or shear stranding, the material changes free whereabouts with oneself's body figure, φ1000 ©L materials are from the top devotion from bottom end freedom run off of have:Φ80-60 ©L models, φ50-30 ©L models, φ22-12 ©L models, φ6-4 ©L models, there is even also the model of smaller grain, “Stand”Of“Circularly slice to rub crusher& rdquo;Pair of the operation that originally needs 7, 8 work prefaces complete, the oneself one mouthful swallows and completes in one breath and covers poly -, can consume greatly, the dust waits more ?] disease, drive it easily 1 time overcome.

“Circularly slice to rub crusher& rdquo;Is so-called new, also performance in the technical innovation, old style crusher's making work is mainly to bump shot or ?? dozen, the equipments has to complete then a back and forth period can carry out bumping of a spot shot or ?? to tie an effciency, this back and forth cycle of the process have no achievement the ground consumed more 80% power, its effciency and efficiency it is thus clear that one spot.

“Circularly slice to rub crusher& rdquo;Labor with the oneself of x-rated break wheel and multistage& ldquo;Grind prinipal& rdquo;, Change to bump shot ?? dozen in order to slice to pare or shear stranding, as long as machine one running have burden, made a work effciency to raise 300-500% and carried out a full burden operate.Under the equivalence condition“Circularly slice to rub crusher& rdquo;The output can be raised to more than 180-900 tons by old model 60 tons, consuming can lower 60%;Take up a yard to reduce 80%;Lead to break a powder rate to reduce 90%;The artificial reduces 70%;Labor strength to consumedly lower, the comprehensive efficiency exaltation is no less than 400%.

“Circularly slice to rub crusher& rdquo;Be have the high performance of complete intelligent property right broken up equipments, have already acquired national invention patent right(patent:ZL200610102014. Xses)equipments strength can extensively used for is a metallurgy, cement, building and way, porcelain and ceramics and glass, refractories and artificial to build sand, abradant, coal, and various mineral(rock) stone...etc. numerous production professions, the equipments in addition to in addition to the same kind advanced equipments comprehensive function consumedly excellent outside the country, the price only has one of 1-3/5 cents of foreign the same kind advanced equipments.

currently Shandong speedy dollar work Mao the limited company have already started formal production, believing cans not is used much for a long time, “Circularly slice to rub crusher& rdquo;Practice in the broken up profession in, will have no doubt ground to contend for a world, magnificent China.Will for together the Lu is going to the whole country to speed industrial structure regulation and excellent turn to get stripe to provide powerful support.

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