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Zheng Zhou likes mineral machine cone removal the crusher

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April 15, Zheng Zhou likes the YD series cone removal type that the mineral machine produces for the Indonesia's some building materials company to fall in pieces to stand, the YDS series jaw type removal crusher deliver goods smoothly Construction Waste Recycling Plant  .Like a broken up screening equipments of the mineral machine removal type to have the fancy and trust that the excellent quality acquired an outside customer of the world!

this is Indonesian customer again purchase like into a broken up screening production line of set equipments, two removal types fall in pieces the main engine of standing the lading as ZZYPE jaw type crusher, ZZZYPSG cone type crusher, and screening equipments...etc., the jaw type travels broken up the station mainly used for thick ground, the cone travels a broken up station to used for medium thin ground.

the customer of the equipments is some large Indonesian building materials company, two removal type broken up station composition the day produce the aggregate system sand production line of 2000 tons, anticipates to the 0-5 mms, 5-10 mms, 10-20 mms, and 20-30 mm...etc. four kinds of bones to anticipate and useds for construction in the highway and real estate of the region to constuct etc..

Zheng Zhou like mineral machine according to the mineral mountain, adopt the demanding diversification that building garbage in the stone field, city treats an etc. market, develop a YD series tire type removal to fall in pieces station working principle of ball mill  , LD series track type removal broken up station, YPS series city building garbage treat removal the type fall in pieces a station etc. broken up screening product, have a foothold international market and the high level customer's community.

Zheng Zhou like the mineral mountain machinery limited company(at first state-run mineral mountain machinery plant in Henan) is was engaged in a broken up screening equipments of mineral mountain, made sand to wash to choose an equipments, become set chose mineral equipments and city to construct machinery removal broken up, screening system of the development developed to sell with production for the new technique business enterprise of integral whole.

this cone removal that outlet fall in pieces station and the jaw type travel broken up station, adopt a high performance of cone crusher, jaw type crusher, can applied a condition in the worst removal type under orientation various rock of etc., high etc. hardness in the iron ore Cone Crusher Manufacturers  , copper mine stone, and granite...etc. broken up screening operation.Indonesian customer, Australia customer is investigating Zheng Zhou to like the mineral machine removal type to fall in pieces a station for time, to the series removal the type fall in pieces the excellent function of station to greatly apply applause!

like mineral machine will follow to fall in pieces screening equipments and the after service of superior quality by high-quality removal type to expand an oversea market, YDS series jaw type removal broken up station and YD series cone travel Indonesia of the success export of crusher and enlarged to like mineral mountain further machinery at Southeast Asian the brand influence of the region!

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