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Six the country chemical engineering implementation

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this year, Anhui six the country chemical engineering incorporated company phosphor An 2 pay attention to suppress a stain from the source prinipal and sweep the implementation of producing the project through a series and consumedly improved a car the spot environment Aggregate Recycling Plant  .Up to March 11, the tail annoys a monitor result all qualified, mix the ammonia, dust abundance in the tail spirit to be farer small than emissions limit to be worth.

Anhui six country chemical engineering the incorporated company is the large phosphor that the national point deveolps to reply fatty production framework business enterprise Mobile Crusher Price  .Mainly be engaged in phosphor to reply fatty production and sale, the year is sales income 2,000,000,000 dollars.On March 5, 2004, six country chemical engineering 80,000,000 A strands(stock code 600470) successfully become available in the market in bourse in Shanghai, is the only a listed company in local and large business enterprise of phosphor An.

the car's carry out many items to sweep to produce a skill to change a project one after another from the end of last year.Such as L3607 strap the blind patch change to??from the steel system flat type the glass steel& ldquo Coal Crusher For Sale  ;The point crest& rdquo;Type makes the environment dust obviously reduce;Adopt a X3651 text tube in the Qiu have no slot connect method reformation technique, eradicated completely to run to emit a drop of leak, promised that the tail spirit washes away dirt circulating effect;Adopt the B3604 crusher seal disposal technique, got rid of the crusher leak powder phenomenon, the spot environment greatly for present new look.

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