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Stocktaking two years the crusher profession

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January, 2012 the mineral mountain engineering machinery tycoon's mountain especially the Wei gram procure“The mountain treasure& rdquo;Crusher

world the engineering machinery tycoon's mountain especially the Wei gram procure in the first-time R.O.C graveness and fall sub- Shanghai to constuct the road bridge machinery equipments company(under call“Shanghai constucts the road bridge& rdquo;)&Ldquo;The mountain treasure& rdquo;Brand.

October 20, 201111, two above-mentioned business enterprises outward proclaim to procure completion, mountain especially the Wei gram agreement procure Shanghai to constuct road bridge 80% shares Gravel Crushing Equipment  , and well-known brand& ldquo;The mountain treasure& rdquo;Of ownership.Desire in the coming 5 years create it BE“Carry a broken up screening equipments in the world the manufacturer& rdquo of the maximum production is on the market;.

from from January 1, 2012, Shanghai constucts road bridge to become mountain Wei gram especially new business realm, namely mountain especially Wei gram a division of the engineering machinery.This procuring amount of money hasn't revealed, but it is said that is the maximum that Sweden business enterprise carries on in China to procure of a.

“Mountain especially the Wei gram is very careful to this merger, only communicate process to spend 4 and half years' time.”Mountain especially Wei gram the engineering machinery chief executive officer Thomas in world Schulz say to reporter of this report coal crusher for sale  , “Is this time to procure‘The mountain treasure& rsquo;, The profits pursued with us to keep on growth, and hope to become China is to global market broken up the screening solution lead the target phase of supplier consistent.”

the construction road bridge in Shanghai is Chinese mineral mountain and engineering machinery profession leading of broken up screening equipments(include spare parts kimono duty) design production of one of the group leader business enterprises, own two production matrices in Shanghai, and owns a kimono duty of sale retail network in majority of in the province and part of oversea nation in China.“The mountain treasure& rdquo;It is also Chinese first native crusher brand that passes EU attestation, export an USD 20,000,000 product annually.&Ldquo;2010‘The mountain treasure& rsquo;The sales is 1,000,000,000 Langs, reside to go together in quota in China market of head.After procuring to complete, mountain especially Wei gram with‘The mountain treasure& rsquo;Implementation double the brand is strategic, own a pair of sales outlets, ‘The mountain treasure& rsquo;Still will be independent economic solid luck camp.”

November, 2012 beautiful Zhuo joint venture Liu Gong merge Shao Rui

November 27, 2012, the United States the Zhuo company's BMW exhibition in Shanghai declare to pass two strategy raise Cuo additional strength to set up in R.O.C:And Liu Gong group establishment joint venture and purchase Shao Rui heavy work 75% ownership of a shares.

the beautiful Zhuo company declare to merge Shao Rui heavy work limited company(Shao Rui heavy work) to intensify in the layout that fast- deveolping China constructs a market.The Shao Rui is located at to Shao pass city in Guangdong province, one of the main production plant houses that carries to fall in pieces a screening equipments in China.Today, Shao Rui 75% shares and about 330 employees will be transfered into beautiful Zhuo company.

beautiful Zhuo company and Liu Gong's group(call:Liu Gong)will constitute 50%~50% joint ventures, develop track removal in China together type broken up screening business.The joint venture company will combine the track of beautiful Zhuo removal type to fall in pieces the technique specialty of screening business and Liu Gong in strong retail ability(about 900 retail centres) in China and the production ability.The management scope of joint venture company first step is the design and production that the beautiful Zhuo Lokotrack1000 series removal type falls in pieces a station and screening equipments localization, this management scope may have magnification.Product will at“Beautiful Zhuo Liu Gong& rdquo;Double under the brand the progress sell.The joint venture company will also expand in China beautiful Zhuo world of the track type is broken up with screening equipments.

February, 2013 the beautiful Zhuo merge Chinese manganese steel foundry(huge Xin) machinery

the beautiful Zhuo declare a completion's merger for Chinese manganese steel foundry(huge Xin).The merger intensified the ability that the beautiful Zhuo provides an abrasion piece for China and the mineral mountain of Pacific Asia zone other markets and the building profession customer.

the beautiful Zhuo company completed declare in February, 2013 of to the merger of Qu in Zhejiang province a manganese steel foundry(huge Xin) in state City, the plant is located in the southwest of Shanghai about 400 kilometers.The property of Qu state huge Xin machinery limited company and the Qu state Chi Xin machinery limited company of merging and about 220 employees will transfer into beautiful Zhuo today.

this time merger for letting betterly contented China of company and the mineral mountain and building profession customer of other markets in the Pacific Asia region need is to the abrasion piece.“Energy thus quickly complete this important merger Sand Washing Plant Manufacturers  , I feel full happy.This integrates the huge Xin into the beautiful Zhuo to found a good starting point for us.In the industry, we have already owned the most extensive service and retail network.Pass this time merger, we will intensify our production layout in China, and deveolp our service business further.”Beautiful Zhuo mineral mountain and building service business line the chief executive officer Ney Mr. Colagrossi of Joao say.

November, 2013 the beautiful Zhuo successfully procure Spain to grind a mineral to lie quality supplier Sabo enhance its whole series ground grind service

the beautiful Zhuo have already completed to grind a mineral to lie procuring of the quality supplier Sabo company bargain to Spain, thus perfect it is stitching ground to grind an abrasion piece of product line, think that the customer of mineral mountain provides more overall service.This procures price won't to the announcement.

“Beautiful Zhuo is world the mineral mountain profession function service of leader in the market, its target BE:Continuously enhance our products and service scope and market share in the world.Sabo company is have high prestige and extensive market popularity of grind a mineral to lie quality supplier, and own to outstandingly and particularly have a technique, and the management strategy that procures to completely match us.The success merger this time will promote further we set up with customer overall ground grind service cooperation of the colleague's ability& rdquo;, Beautiful Zhuo mineral mountain and building service business line chief executive officer Jo& atilde;o Ney Mr. Colagrossi say.

“Pass to control to grind a mineral to lie quality to particularly have a technique, we betterly control to grind machine function completely and provide to comprehensively increase in value service for the customer and show a Zhao exaltation it production ability and total function.In the future, we will be drawing up the advantage& rdquo of the particularly having of full exertion Sabo company technique in the service strategy in world;, He adds a pass.Grind a mineral to lie quality to pack to fill at grind machine inner, in order to raise to grind a miner skill effciency.The product overlay half of Sabo company from grind machine, ball to grind machine and sign to grind steel ball and stick used to grind the steel stick that machine uses, can provide grinding of various specification and material mineral to lie quality, promise the mineral processed thus of the best grind a mineral of function.

mid- October, 2013 material international EUR 104,000,000 control the crusher business enterprise of a Germany Hazemag

October 30, medium material nations announce to call, company on August 30 and Schmidt, Kranz& Co. The mit beschr nkter Haftung(as follows brief name“SK& rdquo;) of Gesellschaft signs ??the ownership of a share procures agreement ?· .According to the agreement, the company will pass to procure to combine capital increase to obtain Hazemag& EPR GmbH(brief name“Hazemag& rdquo;) in Germany 59.09% ownership of a shares that SK holds, total bargain to price is EUR 104,000,000.

Hazemag is SK whole property subsidiary.Hazemag is well-knownly a world with the crusher develop a production is main of German company, is world leading the way of crusher design and control technique realm sheep, own stronger fall in pieces development ability and technique, product and marketing outlet in the world of iron mine, gold mine and CR mineral etc. hard quality material.

in the international mineral mountain machinery realm, Hazemag has very high influence, it inferiority of India and South Africa etc. company have in the mineral industry realm of engineering design, development and management and equipments become set provide goods, set comprehensive ability and equip in the material profession of outstanding advantage.

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