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VSI1145 Sand making machine batch off the assembly line

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  In May 24, 2012, the second batch of the 10 sets VSI1145 sand making machines which signed by the gravel sales at the end of March have smooth delivered, the remaining four sets are in full swing the production processes. The VSI1145 new type energy efficient sand maker is the largest model in all models vibrating screens for sale  .Its successful signing and smooth shipment,approved that SBM Heavy industry Machinery Company has officially opened a new chapter in sand market development.At the same time, the production staff encouraged by the morale once again.
  As I followed after the signing of the orders,face of the heavy task tensions,the factory immediately proceed with arrangements for production tasks after receiving the single stocking.From arrangement of the material plan to the deployment of the production team,then to the equipment components processing and assembly, factory director layout and arrangements with the intense effort to ensure the production schedule. In consideration of the less staffing of sand team,the manager temporary invoked two skilled staff from jaw crusher team to supplement concrete floor grinders for sale  . The face of difficult and onerous production tasks, sand making group leaders took orderly coordination, clear division of labor, under normal circumstances of ensure other production tasks, overtime day and night to pursue production schedules Cement Manufacturing Process Flow Chart  . Through various efforts, in accordance with the contract, the production group has completed smooth delivery of 6 sets equipments ,and the remaining 4 are being production.
  In 2012, under the guidance of the dominant ideology “new elaborate design,bring out potentials”,good news came to SBM continuously.The success of a number of large orders signed and smooth delivery, greatly encouraged the morale of the employees. In the new urgent situation,all the company keep sincere cooperation and solidarity, with the firm confidence,courageously struggle to overcome difficulties,and make the completion of all tasks and objectives beyond the routine!

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