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Sand Making Machine Maintenance Rules

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Sand Making Machine Maintenance Rules:
1. Before operation and maintenance of equipment Small Stone Crusher Machine  , Be sure you have known well about the Instruction Manual and the Safety

Operation Rules before operation; Make sure that if any accident occurs, you know how to stop the machines.
2. The qualified parts and the right tools should be used when maintaining the equipments..
3. Use the recommended lubricants in the manual.
4. Any abnormal phenomenon of the equipment should be reported to higher authorities
5. All the equipments and motors should be off in the process of maintenance ball mill for sale  . And the obvious notice should be shown on the

6. Don??t lubriSBMe, clean, repair or maintain machine while it is working and operating.
7. Don??t operate switches and valves with dangerous tags
8. Don??t remove dangerous logo unless be authorized by responsible person whose name should be put on record.
9. Only qualified workers are allowed to do the following Mobile Crusher For Sale  :
1) Operate a crane and lifting equipment.
2) Lifting load
3) Arc welding and gas cutting 
4) Grinding 
10. Re-install all safety devices before machinery and equipment startup.

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