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China's Mining Companies Must Stick to Green Development

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China is a resource-rich country, but China is a country short of resources, it is because China currently has a population of over 13 million. The huge population has caused tremendous pressure on the utilization of our resources Graphite Powder Making Machine  , especially with the economic development in recent years, China's demand for a variety of resources is increasing, and the contradiction between big demand for resources and sustainable use of resources is more and more prominent.

In order to implement the scientific concept of development, and harmonious and sustainable development of the economy, so China will rise the green mining development to national strategic height Diamond Mining Equipment  , include it in the “12th Five-Year” Development Plan, and promote green mine construction. Under this situation, in order to achieve the sustainable development of enterprises, China's metal mining companies must respond to the country's call to develop green mining machine like ball mill and rod mill, etc. 

China is a world railway power with great railway traffic mileage in the world, nut in a long time vertical roller mill in cement industry  , China's railway structure is very unreasonable, there are many low-end, low rapid rail and less heavy contained railway, which seriously affected the further development of the national economy. In the new century or the new era, China launched a strategy of building a high-speed rail, which is a major strategy according to China's national conditions. China's high-speed rail technology is exclusively independent research and development, and which is already in the advanced level in the world and has won the global honor.

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