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Improved Design of Movable Jaw of Compound Pendulum Jaw Crusher

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Movable jaw is an important working part of compound pendulum jaw crusher and the reasonable design of movable jaw has great influence on the production capacity of the crushing equipment. The structure of movable jaw determines the movement state of the movable jaw Gold Ore Crusher Equipment  , thus influencing the processing capacity of the whole machine and the abrasion of the jaw plate. For this reason, it is important to reasonably improve the design of the movable jaw.

The purpose of improved design of movable jaw of compound pendulum jaw crusher is to enable movable jaw can be equipped with two jaw plates, and the two movable jaw plates have ideal movement locus and make sure that the output characteristics of the movable jaw is superior to that of common jaw crusher iron ore separation process  . To achieve the above purpose, the following methods can be used:

(1) Optimize the machine and improve its performance and make sure movable jaw has the optimal output characteristics.

(2) Install the rocker on an upper place. Change the rolling pendulum bearing of common jaw crusher into hinge joint bearing Cement Manufacturing Process Flow Chart  , and the bearing point is changed from a range of fluctuation to a precise point, so that the crusher becomes a standard four-link mechanism with fixed length and the exact calculation of the parameters of jaw crusher is provided with a theoretical model that more conforms to the actual situation. Installing the rocker on an upper place can make the structure of movable jaw simpler and more compact and so that two movable jaw plates can be equipped on the movable jaw.

(3) Install the eccentric shaft on a lower place so that the characteristic value of the points of movable jaw on the short transverse has ideal distribution. The abrasion of the jaw plate is determined by the vertical displacement of movable jaw. Installing the eccentric shaft on a lower place can make the movement locus of the two movable jaws ideal.

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