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Ore Separating Line

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Mineral beneficiation production line:

First, ore shall be broken to a reasonable degree by jaw crusher zirconium silicate mining equipment price   , and then be evenly sent to ball mill via bucket elevator and vibrating feeder for crushing and grinding. The ore after grinding by ball mill will enter into the next process-classification.

In order to extend the service life of mineral processing production line equipment Indonesia zircon sand mining process  , the correct operation, regular maintenance and overhaul are the most important things needed to be done. Here are six major details for extending equipment life:

1. The operator should be familiar with the device, and observe the operation, maintenance, safety and health regulations.
2. The operator should read duty records before startup equipment, and conduct equipment inspection.
3. The startup of device should follow the process sequence India garnet sand mining process  , starting with load is strictly prohibited.
4. During the beneficiation production line, the operation and function of the production line equipment should always be observed.
5. The shutdown should be consistent with the order, and the surrounding of production line equipment should be cleaned after the shutdown.
6. Maintenance must be carried out regularly, no matter how tense the time and personnel is.

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