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Impactor Crusher

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    SBM impactor crusher is crushing machinery used for crushing materials by impact force Chromite Mining Process  . PF1315 impactor crusher can crush various materials with granularity not more than 500 mm and compressive strength not more than 360 MPA, and has features of large reduction ratio, high efficiency, easy maintenance, cube finished products and so on. So, impact crusheror is ideal processing equipment for high road and hydropower construction.

    SBM PF1315 impact crusheror excellent performance and good performance has been widely used in highway construction, water conservancy projects, production of construction gravel and other fields, and it has been popular at home and abroad market for more than 20 years Gold Ore Crusher Equipment  . PF1315 counterattack breaking machine is composed of counterattack board, rotor, board hammer, feeding mouth, and other parts. Material will be crushed by the impact plate on rotor when entering into warehouse, and then material will be fine crushed on impact device, until getting finished products and discharging them through the discharging port. The particle size and shape of finiehed products can be adjusted by changing the clearance between counterattack frame and rotor.
After technological change and innovation made by many senior mining crusher research experts, SBM PF1315 impactor crusher has achieved the international advanced level on the production process and materials selection. The keyless connection technology can maximize service life of equipment-related parts from every design detail, to ensure continuous production.
SBM PF1315 impactor crusher is widely used in cement, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and power industry iron ore separation process  , for crushing various materials, especially suitable for highways, railways, nuclear power plants, the construction of water conservancy projects and other special industries, such as basalt, river cobbles, granite, etc. Selecting SBM Machinery means selecting the success, and we look forward to cooperation with you.

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