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The Reasons Causing the Failure of Sand Maker

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Improper operation of sand maker in the production process will damage the machine and increase the costs Continuous Ball Mill  . Here the experts of SBM Machinery will introduce some reasons causing the failure of sand maker.

(1) Sand maker can never be started with materials in it as the big starting pressure of the electrical machine roller mill for sale  will burn it. For this reason, particular attention must be paid to the starting order of the machine, which is, starting the machine first, and then add ore materials in it.

(2) Any kind of machine has its application range, so is sand maker. It requires that the size of the ore materials Concrete Recycling Equipment  sent into it should not exceed the stipulated size; otherwise, the ore materials will block the feeding mouth of the sand maker. Then machine will be stopped for cleaning, which will influence its production, and what is worse, the stone materials may damage the impeller and the machine can only be used again after being repaired.

(3) Every machine needs maintenance; otherwise the easy wearing parts inside the machine are easily damaged. After a period of use, the workers should check whether lubrication grease is needed to prolong the service life of sand maker.

(4) Sand maker is fastened with bolts and regular strenuous vibration will cause these bolts to become loose. If there is some abnormal noises during the using process of sand maker, the workers should timely stop and check it.

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