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The Largest Cooling Machine Has Been Successfully Developed

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Nowadays, the largest rolling steady flow cooling machine used for 7500 tons zirconium silicate mining equipment price  cement production line is independently developed by Shanghai Cement Industry Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd and manufactured by Shanghai SBM Machinery. The production of this cooling machine shows China’s new type dry process cement production host devices with independent intellectual property rights has been a big progress.

It is said that the device follows the successful production and putting into Indonesia zircon sand mining process  operation of fourth generation marching steady flow type cooler and is continuously and independently researched and developed by Shanghai institution. Shanghai Branch design experts and related personnel station in Zhengzhou and join to the whole production process. SBM Machinery takes cooler manufacturing as main shop and establishes project team gathered by technology, production, quality control and outsource to give exert to expertise of cooler production and devote itself into production. In manufacturing process India garnet sand mining process  , the project team mainly uses CNC machining and general equipments to ensure the processing quality and implements the special demand of each piece. Meanwhile, Shanghai department of equipment and quality management inspects in scene.

When assembled, the project team continues to improve on-site installation process, and strives for excellence and weekly or immediately held dispatch meetings to ensure to solve problems in manufacturing process at any time. By working together, the products obtain a successful trial run in the plant.

Up to now, as a core enterprise of Shanghai institution, SBM Machinery has been a manufacturing system in vertical mill, roller press, cooling and other high-end products. The successful production of TCS type cooling machine has further improved the manufacturing capabilities of company.

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