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Who fights as a best quality

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North Dakota's fight commissioner has revoked an Iowa boxer for allegedly taking a dive 13 seconds into a bout against former Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons defensive end Ray Edwards.

ing Jaeger, The assistant of state and overseer of combative sports events in North Dakota, Said it's clear from video of Saturday's fight that Nicholas Capes wasn't hit before he dropped to the canvas once the opening bell.

Event promoter Cory Rapacz said Capes a cruiserweight was a lastminute replacement for a couple of noshow boxers and didn't realize what he was looking at prior to stepping into the ring with the much larger Edwards, Who fights as a best quality.

"I feel dreadful for him, Rapacz informed WDAYTV. "(Capes) Got scared and looked for a exit,

Edwards was a fourthround draft variety of the Vikings in 2006. He had nearly 30 sacks in five seasons for this team, And signed as a free agent the Falcons in July 2011. the c's released him last November.

Rapacz told KVLYTV representatives expected Capes to try, But he said the backlash against the boxer is unfair. A phone number listing for Capes in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Could not aside be found.

The event also included a victory by heavyweight Aaron Green, A former North Dakota State court player, And a physique by former world champion Virgil Hill, A North Dakota indigenous, Rapacz told The blog.

The unpleasant incident angered some fans, consist of Bryan Domholt.

"bargains were 50 bucks apiece. That's a handsome profit to spend on a fake sanctioned event, he explained.

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