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Had they aroused the ball

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atl (msnbc) A debatable and potentially pivotal call in a onegame playoff Friday night between the Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals prompted a vehement argument by the Braves manager and fans to toss debris onto an office.

The incident happened in the eighth inning of the newly introduced wild card postseason game, In which the two teams battled for the right to advance to a National League division series.

when i bought it, street. Louis led vinings by a 63 score. With one out and runners on second and third base, Braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons skied a popup to Da'Norris Searcy Jersey superficial left field.

Amid apparent unhappiness between two Cardinals players, The ball dropped that can have led to the Braves loading the bases. but instead, An umpire led Simmons out, voicing the infield fly rule. The rule is generally invoked on pop flies in the infield, In order to prevent fielders from letting a ball drop to be two outs instead of one, Had they aroused the ball.

Atlanta manager Fredi Gonzalez stormed straight from the dugout to protest the call, While angry fans pelted area of with cups and other debris.

After an 18minute delay from which an umpire watched some replays, Play finally resumed having the call still valid, And the Braves then playing the sport Robert Woods Jersey under protest.

Braves E. J. Manuel Jersey pinchhitter Brian Jerrell Freeman Womens Jersey McCann then walked prior to an Cardinals Jason Motte struck out Michael Bourn to end the inning.

After two quick outs during ninth inning, Atlanta Chipper Jones the team famous third baseman who has announced this is his last season got on base with an infield hit.

Freddie Freeman then rocketed a blended rule double, Bringing the tying run to the plate consist of Dan Uggla. Yet the second baseman ended the table action and the Braves season and, for it, Jones Kiko Alonso Black Jersey career by grounding out over second base.

Atlanta fans taken care of immediately the final out with more boos, in addition to a smattering of more debris flying onto the field. The disgust was interrupted only by a chant of knowing the end of the fan favorite Jones career.

although 63 victory, saint. Louis advances to play the national League East champion Washington Nationals in the next round of the playoffs. The san francisco bay area Giants face off against the Cincinnati Reds in the league other postseason series.

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