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With the insurance coverage I not worried

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Mr Bowden told The Bulletin he didn think about lending a helping hand in the shape of Allan Moffat famous 1971 XY GTHO Phase 3 and his other famous ride, all 1969 Trans Am Mustang.

Put those billion dollar cars alongside Peter Brock 1978 A9X and Dick Johnson 1981 Tru BluXD Falcon and you got a time warp that would melt any racing fan heart.

"This event is so important to the Australian and Queensland racing calendars and we were going to do everything it took so that the race remained here on the Gold Coast, stated that Mr Bowden.

Providing 10 of the 12 cars in the Legendary Cars series an emergency race organised and bankrolled by the state to save the SuperGP race after the pullout of the A1GP series the Bowdens have been working around the clock to get the cars on the road.

A special insurance agreement was organised by the state through Shannons to ensure that the cars were covered.

"There is a lot of tuneup work and monitoring that has been going on because some of these cars haven gone around a track like this and of course there will undoubtedly be some problems, he was quoted saying.

"With the insurance coverage I not worried. We don need to brief the people driving these cars. They the talented,

champion drivers Dick Johnson, frank Morris, Glenn Seton, sam Richards, Kevin Bartlett, John French and Colin Bond jumped on this phone to salvage the SuperGP weekend.

Mr Bowden said the muscle car attraction was a worldwide phenomenon that would put bums on seats collector cars are a massive money market,

"We take the cars over to the Goodwood Festival of Speed in great britan where the tickets sellout sixmonths before,

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Mr Bowden brought a team of 30 from Bowden Own to the Gold Coast to service united states, Which were located within the old V8 Supercars pit.

hundreds of motoring fans were given access to the cars.

"It is an opportunity for people with grown up with the cars or who heard the stories from their dads to see these cars up close and personal and back out on the race track,

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