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Redo Logging I/O-Related Wait Events

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'log file sequential read' and 'log file single write'

Both these Wait Events are I/O-related so they are likely to appear together with 'log file parallel write' if there is I/O contention on the redo logs. Follow the same guidelines for tuning them.

'switch logfile command' ,'log file switch completion' and 'log file switch (clearing log file)'

More LGWR I/O-related Wait Events, tune as before.

'log file switch (checkpoint incomplete)'

This Wait Event occurs when checkpointing activities are not occurring quickly enough. 
For guidelines on tuning checkpoint operations please refer to:

Document 147468.1 Checkpoint Tuning and Troubleshooting Guide
Document 76713.1  8i Parameters that Influence Checkpoints

'log switch/archive' and 'log file switch (archiving needed)'

These Wait Events occur when archiving is enabled and indicate that archiving is not performing fast enough.
For guidelines on tuning archiving operations please refer to:

Document 45042.1 Archiver Best Practices

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