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Pending approval from the state superintendent

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CENTREVILLE The Queen Anne's County Board of Education voted unanimously to have the old Sudlersville junior high school (text message) To be declared surplus and to be turned over to the county, Pending approval from the state superintendent, On wed, jan. 9.

A committee made up of 16 members including members of the school system, A nation commissioner, And numerous community members is made to examine and suggest to the school board any possible uses of the former SMS. Members were selected to provide quite a few experience to help capture the potential use of the vacant school.

"At the previous meeting, The committee came to a consensus to recommend the Maryland State Department of Education to declare the dwelling public surplus and turn the facility back over to Queen Anne's County government, suggested Sidney Pinder, broker of school facilities.

Since the completion of the new SMS, Which opened for college kids on April 30, 2012, The only thing the old SMS did is costing the school system money. Last year the dwelling cost the school system $103,015 in operating costs.

One of many options the committee discussed was to "Moth golfing ball" the institution until the school system could find a suitable use for the 72yearold building. based on Robin Landgraf, Chief budgetary officer for county schools, the varsity would only cost $16,000 a year for electrical costs and water and sewer fees if the school was stayed left unoccupied.

"The other item to consider is we haven't really had to turn on the heat for the building so the pipes don't freeze, Pinder replied. "If we turn the heat on and run it for a week, you need at anywhere from $1,000 from $2,000 by the week,

Cost is the important reason for the board's decision to hand the property over to the county.

"I really would have liked to have kept the house a school, but that is passed, believed Fay Williams. "So we have to move on from there and I felt like we had done all we could do to get occupants for home,

Several contractors, gov departments and colleges were contacted to see if the oldest building in Sudlersville could be of any use. Only the Sudlersville volunteer Fire Company, Sudlersville highschool Alumni, Queen Anne's County Sheriff's Office and the town of Sudlersville expressed interest in home, But only the fire company was not concerned with the cost attached to operating the building.

"We have exhausted the efforts that the Board of Education can do utilizing building, Said board user Tammy Harper. "the next phase is to let the county be able to have other people put bids on it. If it sits in our hands, it can't go anywhere. It has to go to the next level. Let this building be at the disposal of people who really need it,

Many inhabitants of Sudlersville spoke out to the board, indicating how much they want the oldest building in the town, Which also appears out and about seal, to be able to in the town and serve a function. Many feared if the board decided to transfer the exact property over to the county, the property would ultimately be demolished.

"due to cheap jerseys the fact we're moving it out of Queen Anne's County Public Schools doesn't mean we're moving it out of Sudlersville or Queen Anne's County, Said board director Vito Tinelli.

including the board's request to the state superintendent to turn the property over to the state, The board is also sending a letter of support to the county commissioners to try to find a new use for your building.

"In an ideal situation we'd like to keep the house, Said board membership Fred McNeil. "And in the right situation we'd moth ball it for three to five years. If the community really wants to save the building, Then they have to work with the (state) Commissioners,

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