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Black bear outings Bardstown area

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BARDSTOWN, Ky. (AP) In Black Rashard Mendenhall Jersey asian Kentucky, The sighting of black bears is not rare, But used Bardstown, Where our Old Kentucky Home is, that an oddity.In the first confirmed sighting of a black bear Nike Carson Palmer Jersey in Nelson County in in excess of what two decades, An immature male was seen in the Greenbriar area this weekend.He had been seen late last week near Manton in adjacent wa County.State preservation officer Mike Stephenson says the bear weighs about 125to150 pounds and is about twoandahalf feet Michael Floyd Jersey Ebay tall. He regarded as about a year old.Stephenson says this one was probably run out of his home territory by another dominant bear, Or has extended his range as he seeks food during recent drought illnesses. A bear with a similar detailed description was also seen in Green County recently. There has additionally been a sighting on Highway 210 in Taylor County and another one in Barren County, But it's not confirmed that it the same bear.What do you do if you see a black bear? Take an image, Point him out to fine friends, But don capture him. Black bears are federally insured.common Storiestop StoriesMore,misplaced teen's SUV foundmissing out on teen's SUV foundUpdated: friday, July 21 2013 8:57 evening EDT20130722 00:57:57 GMTPeyton Riekhof (internet service provider)indianapolis, at (WAVE) The SUV of a missing Indiana teen has been found, in WTHR, Our affiliate in indianapolis.much,Christie Dutton: Heavy downpours and turbo todayChristie Dutton: Heavy downpours and super todayUpdated: mon, July 22 2013 7:43 have always been EDT20130722 11:43:23 GMTLOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) Tonight was active with a small storm over portland. Expect more storms and heavy rain in the evening. Timing may end up being horrible for the morning commute tomorrow. TheMore,

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