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fitflops australia I have spent

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was my pay day last Friday, but now, fitflops australia I have spent fitflops shoes all the money. I need to live on credit for the rest of this month, I want to cry. Since I applied for a credit card, my life has changed. The consumption of overdrafts make me exhausted. I still remember the first month I received my credit card. I can get five thousands dollars advance payment which is higher than my salary. I was so excited, liked the five thousands dollars are mine and I need not to repay. 

I paid for shoes、clothes、bags、cosmetics and other goods I like. I still remember that I bought four pairs of fitflop shoes and two bags and some skirt. Still now, I still have one pair of fitflop shoes not worn, because I did not need so many fitflop shoes a summer, because except the fitflop shoes, I still have some pairs of heels and sports shoes. I maxed out my credit card. Something terrible happened the next month, I need to pay my credit card payment, but my salary was only 3000 dollars. I had to ask my friend to borrow money. Since now, I still live bad, because I can’t leave the credit card. I hope my story can warn you don’t exhaust your credit card, even though you like fitflop shoes very much, you need not to buy so much!

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