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We have to cheap asics kayano go back

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"You have a cold." Floating orange deadpan should be a sound, pajamas recovered hand into the pocket, and turned out of bed and went straight into the bathroom. Is crammed toothpaste, seal it with the room stood Scenic behind her, his arms stays in the wash table, leaned her trapped in his arms, softly low Q: "Why do not you go with him?" Floating orange vertical focus continues to wipe the toothpaste on the toothbrush, brow inadvertently Qingzhou: "Your body is very hot." "Lu floating orange, I'll give you a chance." He suddenly lost strength as the whole weight against her body, facial features stretch, laughed some succeed, "is your own give up." Floating Orange did not understand, but increasingly feel the heat of his body, forbearance forbearance, finally put down the hands of the things that leaned leaning on his arm. "Seal Scenic, you are not in a fever?" Did not answer, the man's breath than usual wet hot spray on her bare neck, stunned she almost whisper out loud, but clearly felt that this man has covered Ruanmian, even sudden arm a loose, heavy pressure to her! Floating Orange forced back against the hard marble, waist should be so crushed, and held out his hand against his chest equally hot. "Seal Scenic? Hello? Hey! You're ......" The temperature in the bathroom who seems to have been given with a high fever, the floating orange rolled his eyes with his hand fixed tall body, one hand on him struggling to groping, long time before to pull out his cell phone, but fortunately last night No eventful to help him change clothes. Bring up the address book, see the pitiful contact, she Zhengleng a bit. Only three people.

A Jiang Yi, an English name, as well as a signature is ...... floating orange. Obviously the phone owner can not be a good memory to remember all of the caller's number is simply too lazy to go to save someone else's number. Try to ignore the floating orange heart suddenly rises strange feeling, Jiang Yi directly to a telephone call. *** Seven o'clock, floating orange sitting quietly on a chair, holding a book looking at, slowly waving. "Miss Lu, please have breakfast." One woman wearing a maid carrying a tray loaded whispered, and occasionally take peeked to see the floating orange face. "Well, put it, thank you." Floating Orange turned the pages, fingertip although stable, but have to admit that my heart is still in a fever of 40 degrees worried about the man. Drink some milk, she looked up at the woman facial appearance. "You young master ......" "Oh, sir asleep, the doctor said that his current fever only appearance, more serious is his bodily functions are in the failure, so the next time will be very weak, there is ah, young master a sick person is required care, especially the people inside the house are busy, oh, of course, although I was a servant, but I also have my private space, that ah, I can not have time to take care of the young master , then ...... " "Are you saying I can not wait to die?" Slightly hoarse voice interrupted woman gushing exaggerated, leaning on the door frame seal Scenic, impatiently glanced at her, came to pull up his seat will float orange . "We have to  go back." Regardless of the floating orange willing, took her downstairs walked directly. "A Royal! Are you still a fever!" Chase the woman hurried out, please laugh, "I did not say to ......" by his hard stare, had waved Samsam, "eh, trekking trip, where Your biggest, you love what happen, when my little sister really have no deterrent ah, alas, will fly wings hard, and I really can not blame the government Bitter ah 

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