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Hector law Nike Free 3.0 V4 United Kingdom really deep awe declared road

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It is also Helian Susan's face lightly expression, so Hector law really changed his mind, he always had to win three princesses of today's skeptical, at this moment he was able to fully identified, three princesses Hector Su heart ...... what he wanted and loved ones choose, and whether she was behaving so today arena, alone, she faced gossip indifferent appearance, he will be able to determine she was able to undertake this great responsibility, and he does not need is honor scared, calm and princess candidates. "Well, today I wish to fulfill three princesses, sent Liao Dan and pro-candidate on the set of three princesses Hector Susan, this desert country over the past decade but my greatest joy thing, Messenger down Zhenyao amnesty and set in a palace banquet in honor Wenwubaiguan, three days after sending three princesses out of the city. "Hector law really deep awe declared road, a remark, Zhong Chen Shan Hu Long live! Two and four princess princess Orchids Helian Helian Yuqiong face flashed a moment of shock, I did not expect to actually Fuhuang three princesses so thick courtesy, married a princess thing though is a delight, but the courtesy amnesty is not everyone can get, see Fu Huang's attitude on the three princess has undergone tremendous changes. Hector Susan still looking calm water, and the pro-on and pro-strike, anyway just another place to play, it was her own choice, they got right when junket, just wood Ann patriarch do not say? Once Liao emperor young yet, implying she was afraid he ate not, Zhi Buding little thought could fool her, the little emperor became her sidekick too! 

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