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If a pope may have been elected

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rome (fox news) Black smoke rose from the chimney fixed to the roof of the Sistine Chapel on sunday morning, Indicating that the cardinals' first two votes of the day were not yet proven.

The 115 voting cardinals are trying to play the second day of the secretive conclave to elect a new pope.

A twothirds majority is required to confirm a new pontiff to step into the shoes left empty by the historic resignation of Benedict XVI at the end of last month.

Whoever it may be will take on the leadership of a church that has been rocked by child sex abuse scandals and corruption claims recently.

No smoke emerged after the first vote wed morning, so considering the cardinals then entered a second round of voting. ET) points too no result came from that second ballot either.

The smoke came earlier than expected Wednesday, indicating the voting is moving swiftly. The cardinals will now go to lunch, When they have the opportunity to talk and mull Jonathan Cooper Jersey their options.

The smoke comes from two furnaces set up in the Sistine Chapel especially for the vote. Chemicals are added to make the color of the smoke more obvious.

If a pope may have been elected, The cardinals burn the ballots appropriate. if you're not, The cardinals hold Black Jay Feely Jersey on to them and proceed to a second round of voting.

They burn the ballots from both rounds together following second round.

over the past, worrying the color has been difficult at times, As it has looked gray. there is however a second, unshakable sign: If the smoke is definitely white, The Vatican church bells ring to celebrate period of time.

The wait for the announcement of a new Church leader should not be too long. The longest papal conclave a long time ago century took just five days.

Black smoke billowed the particular chimney of the Sistine Chapel on Tuesday night, After the cardinals failed to choose a new pope in the very first day Nike Andre Roberts Jersey of their conclave.

Huddled under umbrellas as rain came down, Crowds of onlookers watched the chimney and big screens placed in St. Peter's sq,rectangular.

the secret process got under way earlier Tuesday on a day rich with symbolism as the scarletclad Nike Tyrann Mathieu Jersey cardinals entered the Sistine Chapel in Calais Campbell Jersey Ebay solemn procession, Chanting prayers.

Led by the conclave's senior primary, Giovanni Battista re also, Each of the cardinalelectors those under age 80 who meet the requirements to vote then swore an oath of secrecy and all those not involved were ordered to leave.

The cardinals will continue locked in isolation until one candidate, almost definitely from among their number, Garners a twothirds great deal, Or 77 ballots, And is named the new spiritual head of the earth's 1.2 million Roman Catholics.

Until that decisive moment, The cardinals are barred from communicating with the exterior in any way. Jamming devices have been installed to stop the use of cell phones or other devices.

The cardinals relax in the Casa Santa Marta, A Vatican City conventional hotel, in the course of the conclave, Moving beyond this concept to the Pauline Chapel to pray or the Sistine Chapel to vote.

Applause echoed available St. Peter's Basilica on Tuesday as primary Angelo Sodano, Dean of the college of Cardinals, Offered wanted "incredible pontificate" within Benedict, Whose unexpected resignation precipitated selecting a new pope.

When cardinals selected Benedict in 2005, looking for conclave that ran into a second day, The white smoke signaling deciding came about six hours after an earlier, not yet proven vote.

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