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Each in their own individual way because we are all poor sinners

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cardinal Philippe Barbarin, most of the archbishop of Lyon, Said Tuesday that other to samesex marriage did not make clerics antigay.

"them to Larry Fitzgerald Jersey (Homosexuals) Are building the dominion of heaven as much if not better than me, He told italy Info radio. "They are having trouble keeping up to be faithful, To be christian believers, Each in their own individual Darnell Dockett Jersey way because we are all poor sinners,

Barbarin said the overall tenor of his comments at the weekend had been misrepresented but stopped short of apologising for his controversial remarks to a Christian radio station dedicated to gay marriage.

"Afterwards they will are thinking about creating couples with three or four members, he said. "and then, certainly one day the taboo of incest will fall,

The Archbishop comments ended up widely condemned. paris, france Mayor Bertrand Delanoe, One of France few openly gay politicians, Said on Monday that a Catholic leader he had previously admired gave the impression to have "made his lid,

France Socialist government has promised to enact legislation allowing gay couples to marry and adopt children by the center of 2013.

The substandard 'fishplate' which caused a fatal derailment at BrtignysurOrge, Near london on July 12th. SNCF is accused of dismissing safety fears in 2010. graphics: SNCF/Da Costa/AFP

SNCF aware of safety fears before train crash

France's national rail provider SNCF faced allegations on Thursday that it had in 2010 dismissed concerns from a retired engineer about the poor state of the tracks at BrtignysurOrge, Where six individuals were killed last Friday when a packed intercity train derailed.

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Kristian 'Varg' Vikernes, Pictured to 1999. hidden vehicles outside his home in Corrzes, center France, that Nike Patrick Peterson Jersey is raided on Tuesday. snaps: AFP/Patrick Bernard

NeoNazi Vikernes typically 'survivalist', Says criminal attorney

Norwegian neoNazi Kristian "Varg" Vikernes, Who was arrested in France earlier this week by French antiterror police had no intention of performing a major attack, His lawyer has promoted, reporting the musician as a "Survivalist" Who was preparing for an emergency, rather than "terrorist,

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Drinking practical? Cops in the southeastern French town of Cogolin stand charged with "Losing regulate" And having excessive aperatifs while at work. File pic: Rolye/Flickr

Police in the town Pat Tillman Jersey of Cogolin in southeastern France are being looked into over claims they regularly enjoy sinking a few apritifs whilst working. The cops' drinking habits only emerged after their chief was caught drunkdriving in Mitchell And Ness Kurt Warner Jersey his patrol car with out using license earlier this summer.

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