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There had been a buzz in town about the Bulldogs

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UNC Asheville guard Matt Dickey wasn't sure he'd even get to gamble in the Bulldogs' new oncampus arena, Which is set to open next month after several construction delays.

"I thought we were ad there my sophomore year, Then it got delivered back, Dickey said Tuesday at the Big South's annual the game of basketball media day. "Then I started opinion, 'Well, Am I ever preparing play there?' manner in which, It will have been fine. But that really we're in it, I'm very happy about it. And I think with the buzz going around, I think we'll fill it up pretty good, additionally,

Asheville returns most of the key parts from a team that won an NCAA Tournament game last season. There had been a buzz in town about the Bulldogs, And they had little issue in filling their old digs the Justice Center the actual place was so small.

UNCA's outdated "environment, Which resembles a ski lodge on the surface and a highschool gym on the inside, lotto tickets 1,100. That wasn't even the gym in the Big South. Coastal Carolina's Kimbel Arena from a technical perspective holds 999, Though overflow crowds have crept into four figures recently. Before Campbell moved into the Pope Convocation Center four rice, The Camels took part in Division I's second tiniest facility, The 947seat carter Gym. Only one arena was manageable. Charleston Southern's Field humble abode, Nicknamed the "Buc Dome, lottery tickets 881.

these schools, Only CSU will stay in its small gym after this season. Coastal Carolina's new Student online game and Convocation Center will seat 3,200. Asheville's Kimmel Arena could also seat 3,200.

"I like the looks of the league so stronger, Asheville condition Eddie Biedenbach said. "I wish Coastal's facility was polished off. High Point is beginning clear land for a new facility. All of that makes our league much more pretty good, Much more presentable to the magazines and the general media. That carries over into the passion,

Coastal's welldocumented arena issues are a bit of a sore spot for coach Cliff Ellis, Who had hoped to christen the Chanticleers' new facility with a nonleague game against SEC foe LSU in late. as being a, The team will continue to play at Kimbel through at least the end of 2011, And it's uncertain if the Chants can play any games this season in their new digs.

"in my opionion sense wasting any energy on it, Ellis understood. "The bricks and mortar are up, around the baskets aren't ready. So we are in Kimbel, And we should be there until it's ready,

Robbie Laing is in his ninth year as the top coach at Campbell, And the first five years were put in Carter Gym. bad "meaningful" Didn't do your gym justice. it was subsequently a suffocating place, With hardly room to relocate the court for fans trying to get to their seats. the event at Pope is more fan friendly, And it's certainly helped in Laing's selecting efforts.

"Campbell university or as you saw it, And Campbell the game of basketball as it is now, it is new job, Laing rumoured. "I felt like I did evolve jobs. The campus is just remarkable, To go together with a new arena. We've just improved as an school in every capacity. It's exciting to be a part of it. If you weren't there in a while, You're going to be shocked if you it,

because the Big South regularseason champion hosts the quarterfinals and semifinals of the conference tournament (And the great game if it advances that far), The size of the arena is a central feature. Kimbel Arena and the Justice Center were extremely tight fits for tv shows broadcasts. TV games at CSU's Field House are impossible. The lighting is outdated, then there is no space for cameras inside the facility.

If CSU appeared to be to win the regularseason title, Its only option would be to host the tournament at some other site in the area, Like its northern border Charleston Coliseum or the arenas at nearby College of Charleston or The Citadel.

CSU coach Barclay Radebaugh acknowledges that the lack of a bigtime facility hurts the school in recruiting.

"But we can't allow that to be a negative aspect, he was quoted saying. "I don't even think in creating excuses. If we allow that to be a difficulty, Then it's going to be one. If we look for positives in it and sell it for what it is, To makes strides with what we have and make what we have better we have no choice but to take might be towards it, Because as much as i want to, I can't change that now,

Biedenbach, Who is entering into his 16th year in Asheville, Has felt the progres on campus as the new arena readies for its debut. vermont, trained by Asheville native Roy Williams, Comes to town in early late for the first game at the facility.

"the pride factor, That basketball is starting to become important, Biedenbach exclaimed. "We've always been a okay team, And we took a whole lot of pride in what we did. It feels very different. It feels like there will be something going on that's important,

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