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Her test scores may be tide to my pay

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These bills has people i've talked to Black Andre Roberts Jersey talking. If the bill aimed at pregnant middle school and kids passes that means a Nike Calais Campbell Jersey student could get up to 14 days off school.

But some we spoke to Sunday said that not a good idea.

Are they want to do the makeup work? you know, As a teacher my test scores will most likely be tied to my pay. Her test scores may be tide to my pay, celebrity fad Ryan Angell of Albuquerque.

A recent study by Guttmacher Institute showed New Mexico has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the uk.

basically, from every 1,000 video games girls, 93 will become pregnant.

Is it going to wrap back around where we taking good care of her as well for that decision, wondered Angell.

Another bill that have people talking is the one aimed at stopping people from texting while driving.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 has been third,next bill very closely.

If it goes by, It could bring fines up to $300 on those who are caught texting and driving.

Help raise like people awareness like yeah, This really is, It as opposed to, oh no. It is a big deal books can hurt people and you can kill people, had to talk about Alexis Estrada of Albuquerque.

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