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Bill Maher has put his show and the network which airs it in issue with his offensive tweet about devout Christian Tim Tebow. Some tweeps require a boycott on HBO unless the cable channel bans the "real time with Bill Maher" organize.

"Boycott HBO until they terminate Bill Maher, One youtube user named Todd Shaffer wrote. Black Frostee Rucker Jersey Another tweep replied, "Bill Maher have to be banned. Decency is not in his language. terrible taster for words, As expected,

Maher purchased the backlash after mocking Tebow via his Twitter account. "world of warcraft, christ just fked TimTebow bad! and on Xmas Eve! while. Satan is in fact tebowing, maxim to Hitler 'Hey, Buffalo's doing away with them.', The atheist comedian wrote after the Denver Broncos' loss to the Buffalo Bills on Christmas Eve.

"follow the Money" Host Eric Bolling was a type of offended by Maher's comment, Writing by himself Twitter page, "Bill Maher is nauseating vile trash. StraighttohellBill,

Tebow their self, Who is renowned for getting down on his knee to pray on field during a game, Has not taken care of immediately Maher's offensive statement. fairly, He took to Twitter big event NFL game, "Tough game today but what's collection of socket wrenches is being able to celebrate the birth of our Savior, jesus Christ. Merry traditional everyone GB2,

just a week before, "wednesday Night Live" Also landed on hot water after taking a jab at the quarterback. Televangelist Pat Robertson well-known a skit, Which features Jason Sudeikis' Jesus telling Taran Killam's Tebow to direct Nike Carson Palmer Jersey attention to his game and ease up on the praise, their "AntiChristian bigotry,

sent by Nathan on Apr 27, 2012

awesome job Bill, Tebow is not even following his own bible that tells him not to work on this little 1 knee thing in public (Matthew 6:5). As to opportunity seekers saying he is not insulting well he is praying to his GOD to catch a ball. Little Kevin Minter Jersey Ebay kids everywhere are not as important as catching a ball? WTF people clearly? So GOD is more interested in preserving a football game than kids that are starving, abused, Or murdered. Yea thats not as necessary as a football game. Gimme a possibility.

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