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She called them to learning it was all about

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GREENSBORO The bbb is warning businesses about a new scam circulating the state and country.

plastic ban company is sending out phony bills for telecom maintenance and trying to trick owners into paying it. A Greensboro business got the Cyber Monday UGG Boots Sale invoice but with some on-line research found out it was a scam.

and that's why when she got what she thought was a bill from US Telecom in California, For services she did not remember agreeing to, She called them to learning it was all about.

"Asked them inside regards to invoice, Immediately they became very defensive and said there's nothing an invoice, you can't see the word invoice anywhere. there is also a remittance number there, it becomes an offer, Leon's Beauty program Owner Parker Washburn said.

Washburn said her careful eye helped her avoid being scammed out of regarding dollars but she worries others won't be so lucky.

"This clearly looked just like an invoice, certainly was 30 days net, Total amount due, Washburn said.

The bbb said this scam has worked its way across the country over the last year and its targeted everything from schools to businesses.

"So cheap air max 1 it's targeted to people who are receiving a lot of invoices anyway. They're sending it to people hoping that you'll just be paying your bills and push it through. Because if you look at it, this doesn't happen say anything about a cheap air max uk due date on it, that say anything uggs Cyber Monday about what services have been performed or what services will be performed, It just appears to be like a bill, Michael Henson with The bbb said.

He said Washburn did the right thing by filing a complaint and now maybe others probably avoid the same scam.

"You don't believe that people will try to do this, nevertheless, you you have to be attentive, Washburn being said.

Officials say organization has an "p" Rating with the Cyber Monday UGG Boots bbb. They're asking anyone who gets this bill in the mail the file a complaint with the bbb or the North Carolina Attorney General.

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