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Canes could still add two high

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With spring football in full swing, a forgotten storyline playing out behind the scenes these days in Coral Gables is that the Hurricanes are still in the running to add two of the nation top 2010 recruits: cornerback Latwan Anderson (511, 185) and mammoth offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson.

Anderson originally committed to West Virginia, but chose not to sign a national letterofintent, instead opting to weigh all his options. If he chooses UM, word is he would come in on a track scholarship and then play football in the fall.

Henderson, who chose USC on National Signing Day but didn still has the Canes in the running with Ohio State. No word yet when Henderson will sign. But he is waiting to get a clearer picture on how the NCAA will come down on USC for possible NCAA violations.

This is great news. But we need to take care of business with he guys we have right now and get the oline healthy and ready to go. B. Washington having his leg in a cast without being able to bend it is not good news. One of the things that we learned from last year as fans is that you can never have to many bodies at any given position. The "U" was loaded at dline but with all the injuries our dline still suffered. Having alot of bodies is good but not if those bodies don produce. Win ACC. Go to BCS game and win or bust in 2010. GOOO!CANES!

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