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Suffered heart disease after a strong storm blew through the area

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st. Louis Building Commissioner Frank Oswald said the tent that collapsed at a party outside Busch Stadium on Saturday did not meet the town's guidelines. (tool: KMOV/CNN)(RNN) The city is investigating the building of a tent that collapsed at a party to celebrate a St. Louis Cardinals win after a man died in a sudden, Strong storm Saturday day.the person, Whose name authorities did not release, Suffered heart disease after a strong storm blew through the area.It was not clear if the man suffered the heart attack because of being struck by flying debris caused by winds that were estimated at more than 60 mph by spectators.nonetheless, investigators have raised questions as to the safety of the structure that he and hundreds of other people were under after it collapsed in the storm that produced tennis ballsized hail and high wind gusts.The city requires tents to withstand much more resilient winds than those sustained in the storm,Our tent guidelines require the maker specifications on the tent to be able to withstand it (wind flow) Up to 90 miles-per-hour, believed St. Louis acquiring Commissioner Frank Oswald. "thinking indicates, It did not withstand it in this situation,Sixteen some friends had been hospitalized after they were celebrating under the tent after the Cardinals beat the Milwaukee Brewers. Medical colleagues treated 100 people at the scene.Five people who went to the hospital in critical condition have been downgraded to serious, celebrity fad Eddie Roth, the neighborhood director of public safety.Fire officials said a few hundred everyone was celebrating in or near the tent, Set up at Kilroy Bar on the stadium,We had live wires lying and incapacitated. We have severe injuries to quite some people, explained St. Louis Fire the main one Dennis Jenkerson. "this allows us nightmares,

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