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But I want to target the future

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CORAL GABLES RayRay Armstrong began his next chapter in football this afternoon far from where the last one ended.

The former Miami Hurricane practiced with NAIA Faulkner university or in Montgomery, Ala, After his messy split up with UM. After damaging a lawsuit against Miami, Armstrong briefly touched on his last stop in a discussion with one of my former papers, The Montgomery advertiser.

"I made some bad possibilities (At san diego), But I want to target the future, Armstrong told the advertiser. Done is. That prior to now. I focused on Faulkner higher educatoin institutions,

You can read the rest of the story by clicking here. You see a photo of hmo's top recruit in his new uniform. Armstrong practiced Wednesday as he awaits an eligibility ruling from the NAIA resource. He was admitted to the school Tuesday after moving north over the weekend.

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