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Since each bike owner who gives you himself between 8am and 10am

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MONTREAL, May 13 /CNW Telbec/ As part of their effort that began a year ago, The Montreal Eaton Centre is proud to collaborate with SOS V an organization that encourages social integration, in the mean time supporting and encouraging the recycling of bicycles.

On Friday can 14 and 28, connecting 8am and 10am, SOS V invites all Montrealers to give from their old bicycle by bringing it to the Montreal Eaton Centre, At the Sainte Catherine entrances. This motivate, under the theme Together we recycle, Will be insightful and engaging, Since each bike owner who gives you himself between 8am and 10am, Will leave with one of the several instant prizes, Including the chance to win one of the 15 bikes from SOS V mini exposition for a great organization

Bike enthusiasts, As well as any your list, Are now able for more information about SOS V through the mini exposition installed in the Montreal Eaton Centre's Centre Court. We can learn that SOS V is served with almost 5,000 cycles each year. many to keep the 100 employees in training, Busy giving them new life and altering them into new ones, Under the brand Old bike donations can be done directly at the SOS V Boutique located at 2085 rue Bennett in Montreal. Bikers can also contact the group, at only 5142518803, And SOS V will gladlypick the particular bike, Monday to wednesday.

near SOS V V Inc. Is a nonprofit organization whose primary and main mission is the professional person and social integration of adults in difficulty, Into culture. Their philosophy is to welcome adults who are underprivileged or at a disadvantage in the workforce, whilst they may not precarious situation, Weak education or lack of work undergo. These adults adhere to SOS V on a voluntary and are motivated to join. Offering them a real work place, the range and recycling of bicycles, SOS V provides social and work training, taking control of the employee and encouraging the permanent integration into the workforce. SOS V can be called at 5142518803.

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, At the corner of SteCatherine Street and McGill College, The Montreal Eaton Centre welcomes longer than 26 mill ion visitors per year. The Montreal Eaton Centre hosts 175 boutiques, systems, Restaurants and the best free Internet Zone downtown. The Montreal Eaton Centre is situated in the hub of the 32 km metro network that links several interior boutiques and commercial galleries. The Montreal Eaton Centre is section of the Ivanhoe Cambridge Group.

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