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Chester Taylor News and Video

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Chester Taylor News and Video

The Chicago Bears back has welcomed the addition of former Minnesota Vikings back Chester Taylor as needed relief, the kind he could have used during a forgettable 2009 season."He's a good guy and easy to get along with, and he's a good running back," Forte said. "So when he comes in there's no really dropoff in talent."Last year, Forte suffered a knee ligament sprain in Week 3 against the Seattle Seahawks after getting over an offseason hamstring pull that had slowed him in preseason. Forte said little publicly about the injury, and continued carrying the ball on the way to a disappointing 929 yards and 3.6 yardspercarry average."You Owen Daniels Black Jersey have to play through injuries," Forte said. "This is the NFL. People get injured."Forte didn't merely play through the injury. He finished his first Duane Brown Jersey two seasons with 694 combined carries and receptions, a team record.

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