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Canes hoops honored in Tallahassee

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Canes hoops honored in Tallahassee

Coach Jim Larranaga and athletic director Blake James were in the state capitol building Thursday and honored on the floor of the house of representatives and senate, who designated April 18th, 2013 as University of Miami Hurricanes Men Basketball Day in Florida.

That was nice, but so was seeing junior college transfer James Kelly officially sign his National Letter of Intent. He averaged 18.3 points and 10.1 rebounds a game last season and is know for some pretty vicious dunks on YouTube. Here are a few links (CLIP 1, CLIP 2, CLIP 3)

Kelly also had recruiting interest from Clemson, Louisiana Tech, Marshall and St. Bonaventure. He the third player to sign with UM joining Deandre Burnett and Davon Reed, who signed in the early signing period. Running back Corn Elder, who signed a football scholarship with the Hurricanes, is also expected to play hoops this coming season for Jim Larranaga.

Jimmy Johnson Quote: "I told Al he's doing it the right way," Johnson said Tuesday at his College Football Hall of Fame press conference in New York. "He's an outstanding recruiter and topflight coach. He's very disciplined and organized. Golden needs to be Nike J.J. Watt Jersey fired. Yes winning will put fans in the stand. Love the canes hate the conference. Too many games against teams from NC. Didn know the state of NC was such a power in football. If you truly want fans in the stand and a real fan base How about some attractive games that fans want to see. Does the ACC offer that. If I Donna Shalala I think the Big 12 is where the canes should be thinking . Big money , football conference and name brand opponents that fans will come to see the canes play. ACC or Big 12

Agree to a certaindegree but all conferences have games with "weak" conference opponents. The Big 12 has Baylor, Iowa State, Iowa, and other weaklings (which sometimes are good). The ACC has teams that can beat anyone anytime and I mean ANYONE Clemson, FSU, UNC, GA Tech at a given day can beat anyone. But UM cannot forget its tradition ANYONE ANYTIME ANYPLACE if theywant to sell tickets. And get notoriety eg playing Ohio State, Nebraska, Michigan or Oklahoma, Texas.

Of course the sheer stupidity of that charge could only come from Gallo/Calvina as "it" would have you believe that somehow Jimmy Johnson benefits from lying to the general public about Nike Brian Cushing Jersey his views on Al Golden.

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