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Kolb wasn't exactly playing at at the very top level

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Kolb's injury took place ahead of the twominute warning of the fourth quarter against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. battling from the Bills pass rush, Kolb fell on the surface of the ball when the injury took place.

once Kolb was taken out, John Skelton arrived. It was the first time that Skelton was active for a game since the first week of Tamba Hali Black Jersey the summer season. even after two incompletions, Skelton threw a beautiful 17yard pass to Larry Fitzgerald on 4th and 11 that continued the drive and gave Jay Feely the chance to kick his 61yard field goal to tie the game.

Skelton threw another big pass to Fitzgerald on the next possession ahead of Tamba Hali Jersey the end of regulation that set up Feely for a 38yard field goal, But the Cardinals kicker had it partly blocked and it went off the goal post. Skelton would then throw a Tamba Hali Jersey Ebay interception in overtime Nike Tamba Hali Jersey that gave the debts ideal field position to kick their gamewinning field goal.

With Kolb expected to be out for few weeks, Skelton now becomes the Red Birds beginner under center. Kolb wasn't exactly playing at at the very top level, But enthusiastic about much Skelton has struggled in 2012, This are a wide blow to the Cardinals offense.

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