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Ball hockey banned from Copeland's lumber floor

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Ball hockey may not be played on the wooden floor at Bill Copeland Sports Complex until further notice, After concerns about damage on a recent tournament.

one particular $668,000wooden floor was positiioned in 2011 primarily for the use of lacrosse teams, Said a report by parks and recreation director Dave Ellenwood.

Ball dance shoes, Inline hockey and other floor sports previously played at Kensington and Burnaby Lake arenas. special attractions, Such as senior high school graduations and the 2012 BC Seniors Games, Used Copeland while a cover was placed over the wooden floor.

When Metro Minor Ball Hockey requested use of Copeland for the 2012 Western Challenge Cup, organized July 12 to 15, All three Burnaby arenas were used.

City staff agreed to allow it based on an understanding the event could be managed so it would not likely do permanent damage; If any decent damage was done it could be repaired during its first scheduled maintenance in 2013 before the next lacrosse season; And the tournament organizers would schedule only younger and smaller U11 and U13 teams to play at Copeland to limit the impact on to the floor.

Arena staff photographed the condition of the floor weekly from the beginning of May Cyber Monday UGGs to the start of the tournament and immediately after the tournament to document the UGGs Cyber Monday impact of ball hockey, The insider report said. After two months and 635 hours of lacrosse, they have used many scuffs and dents. The ball hockey users added scuff marks and indentations.

While arena staff removed the scuff marks with UGG Boots Cyber Monday a thorough cleaning, The indentations will be decreased or removed when the "Rescreening" management is done in 2013, that involves, involving lightly sanding the floor and recoating it with a liquid sealant.

If any permanent dents remain then, Staff need to replace a panel, Of which spares were supplied when the floor was purchased.

"very stressful, Vandalism occurred within Western Challenge Cup when Cyber Monday UGG Boots Sale a name was scratched into the floor, Said the have. When Metro Minor Ball Hockey were acquainted, "They were very concerned and immediately followed up with the teams playing the tournament to track down Cyber Monday UGGs For Cheap the Cyber Monday UGG Boots source of the vandalism,

They also offered to pay the buying price of the repair. "Staff are confident that destruction will disappear when the rescreening is done,

Regular use of the wooden floor for ball hockey is not suggested "right 2013 Cyber Monday UGG Boots away" As there is enough demand from lacrosse financial concerns.

"for the other hand, If in the future the facility is required to host an exceptional ball hockey event, And potential damage is mitigated by the ball hockey small business to the satisfaction of staff, And Cyber Monday UGG Boots Outlet the event does not unduly compromise the facility's use by other users, Then staff can reassess this location, Said the track record.

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