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On whether his sideline hit on Skelton ranked among his best ever

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The Vikings' first drive of the second half Sunday, april. 21, Ended with Harrison Smith's interception return for a landing. The second drive ended with a huge hit by cornerback Antoine Winfield when he sacked Arizona Cardinals quarterback John Marcus Allen Throwback Jersey Skelton for no gain on a fourthand2 play from the Vikings' 18yard line. Winfield had a stellar game, Leading the Vikings with 10 individual tackles and one assist to go together with his sack. obtain Winfield.

On whether his sideline hit on Skelton ranked among his best ever: "do you know what? i am not sure. I'll have to return and watch the film. I knew the quarterback was running. it was subsequently fourthand4. He ran some sort of boot on my side. I was in Cover 2 together with the flat. I just came up making it the play,

On whether he watched a replay of his sack on one of the most two giant video boards in the Metrodome: "no more. I missed it. often times, But I missed that one,

On the Vikings' missed discusses: "debit 36 (The jersey involving 5foot7 Cardinals running back LaRod StephensHowling). That little guy was unreliable. an absolute good player. Open subject, He's probably just about the toughest running backs we've faced. He made several guys miss. But that's something we can't continue doing. We need in conclusion and make those plays. once Mitchell And Ness Marcus Allen Jersey or twice you could tell he was hiding behind his offensive line. make sure you give him credit. that will guy can run,

On whether he believed Skelton became rattled as the experience wore on: "The Dline got after him in the beginning. We did our obligation in the secondary and got a big win,

On having a short week and playing thurs night night, oct. 25, Against the tampa bay buccaneers: "extremely well, For an old guy, It's definitely a quick transformation. (a laugh.) But Marcus Allen Jersey we'll be well prepared. Any time it's very nearly game time, the figure snaps back, So we'll be good,

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