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in line with: According to recommendations

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BRENTWOOD, Tenn. Atlanta Falcons The Atlanta Falcons are a American footballing team based in Atlanta, ga. They are currently a member of the NFC South of the National Football Conference (NFC) In the nfl (national football league). The Falcons joined the NFL as a 1966 extension team. Fans will score big before the official season even begins. The Falcons have teamed up with Stored Value Systems (SVS SVS OS/VS2 ) To offer Atlanta Falcons gift cards and merchandise return a credit card.

The gift cards are available now exclusively at the new retail store, Falcons 365 in Perimeter Mall Perimeter Mall is an indoor nearby mall in Dunwoody north of Atlanta, nearby the highway interchange of Interstate 285 (The outside) And ga 400.

"We chose SVS because of large retail marketplace presence and the breadth of capabilities offered by the program, Said Danny department, Vice president of it and store development for the Atlanta Falcons. "We've been pleased with the service we've received and see possibilities to expand our brand through marketing partnerships with other SVS retail clients,

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2. in line with: According to recommendations.

3. department, Gift cards are not large sales items for many teams regarding the league. "But our prospect are to see if we can't change that by leveraging the capabilities and marketplace presence of SVS, Our strong brand and retailing innovation, he was quoted saying. "We provide, initially, fitted, Authentic and replica Falcons jerseys available for sameday pickup most of the time. plus, We offer to you gameworn used items (cycling tops, dance shoes, Footballs) at a shop and online,

Keith Sorrels, SVS senior vice chairman, recounted "preliminary gift card design is a great team shot designed to appeal to the loyal Falcons fans,

About Stored Value technologies

Since launching the firstever magneticstriped retail gift card to shoppers in 1995, Stored Value packages, corporation. (SVS) thought to be world's leading providers of electronic gift cards and other cardbased transaction programs. foreign retailers rely on SVS to create customer loyalty, Increase sales and strengthen their competitive position in the retailer specific niche. Headquartered in the, SVS is a wholly owned subsidiary Wholly Owned subsidiary

look: paychecks Before Taxes, Gift and loyalty cards and taking. A fullservice merchant design, Comdata's platforms support both its little-known card networks as well as processing for any card tender a merchant may accept. headquartered in Brentwood, Tenn, Comdata employs upwards of 1,500 people nationally and globally. Comdata is a wholly owned subsidiary of Minneapolisbased Ceridian enterprise (nyse nyse

A body complementing standardisation activities in the EEC and EFTA countries. Company serving businesses and employees within the, Canada and the world. Ceridian is one of the top recruiting outsourcing companies in each of its markets, And offers a wide range of human resource services, specifically payroll, Benefits control, Tax acquiescence, HR personal information systems and employee advisory programs. Through its Comdata part, Ceridian is a major payment processor and issuer of bank plastic, Debit cards and kept tucked away value cards, Primarily for the trucking and retail industries within the.

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