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After 80 minutes of folk excellence

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While Son Volt wrapped up on the other side end of the Salt Lick's grounds in Dripping Springs, A denselypacked crowd gathered on the scenic Bluebonnet stage for Grammywinning revivalists the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Who led off with a fiddle tune utilizing mentor Joe Thompson and a Charley Poole's "milwaukee Blues,

Instrumental wildcard Dom Flemons diversified the attack with classical guitar, Tenor banjo, capture, fife, bone percussion, striper drum, And even exhibited some dance moves on a Thomas A. Dorsey disguise, But the show's brightest moments belonged to the ladies. Singer Rhiannon Giddens blew minds with breathless vocal acrobatics on the Gaelic language simple "Domhnall, And newest member Leyla McCalla put down her cello to take the lead on "RoseMarie, A Haitian folk song cautioning against dating band members.

After 80 minutes of folk excellence, The quartet made a capella with Juneteenth anthem "studied 'Em John, Backstage I asked Flemons what I might hear on third album. he just sighed, "You're will be waiting a long time for that. an extended, established,

Five minutes away on foot, Bluegrass nobleman Del McCoury took requests.

"Now what song was it that you'd like to hear, He wondered, Showing off an infectious grin that goes so well with his perfectly slicked white hair and sharp country suit. An indiscernible barrage of song titles were yelled back at him.

"oh yea, The last time I played that one was 10 long ago and I forgot all the words, He jeered. "I forgot all the things that night,

He then led his quartet though a amazing version of "Rain and perfect, McCoury earned his bluegrass wings as a performer for Bill Monroe, So it was especially fitting that the greatest applause of his set came during the Monroe and Hank Williams cowrite "I'm yellowish, I'm forlorn, Which features a single ridiculously high note in the center of the verse. as the 74 yearold singer hit that high and lonesome pitch, The crowd roared knowing they'd just saw real bluegrass heritage.

"I've never see anything along these lines at Old Settlers, exclaimed the ponchowearing oldtimer standing next to me as Michael Franti blasted off into his headlining set. Gone were the rows of camping chairs that had sat anterior to the Hill Country stage all day. at this point, the target audience was shouldertoshoulder bouncing to Franti's uptempo reggaerap and trying to stay warm as the mercury dropped.

for the time of his second song, The barefoot Franti ran sideways of the stage and shouted "hosiery! hosiery, to the stage manager, Who taken back with a fresh pair of white socks for the singer's frozen toes. Shoes would've been a more obvious choice, But they simply don't fit Franti's image. absolutely sure, His footprints clutter into some corny musical territories, But stylistic depth isn't eliza Franti's shtick. oneness is.

your dog is a messenger, the actual end, shoving for peace, confidential empowerment, And reminding us that we only have one life to live. When you're encompassed with a bunch of happy folks on a beautiful piece of land, It's hard to argue bring back.

the next morning, While taping a performance for KAOS Radio, I saw the other side of Old Setter's in the campground where jars of moonshine are shared, children run in packs, And the sounds of acoustic guitars, Banjos, And singing come from every place. I could've bummed surrounding this tented utopia all day, But I had a couple more festivals back in Austin to go.

There's nothing distinct about people getting stoned at Auditorium Shores, But due to Austin Reggae Fest, All discretion goes up in smoke as groups of irritatingly high 17yearolds sit on a blankets passing around twofoot glass bongs. Within times of my arrival, Strangers got me lifted and I gravitated from the din of the main stage to something more tasteful.

Passing the naturally long line at the corn dog stand, I travelled to a tent called Charlie's Dub Corner and posted up to watch local producer McPullish cut live mixes of hard dub originals. The vendor of his own label, Charlie's notes, McPullish played recordings from his newly absolved Shepherd Riddim, While guest vocalists like lionvoiced Judge and the interesting Jamaican/British reggae songstress Island Rose toasted on the mix.

It was so good that somebody told me, "individual, Lance Armstrong's over there gambling drums with Lance Herbstrong, I sent a reply, "acceptable for him" And remained where I was. similar that was the truth, The cycling champion, Currently barred form. competing for using banned factors, Taking to the kit and playing four songs with the neighborhood party band.

After brief take a look at Jimmy Johns where I heroically devoured two full subs, I made my way to Red River to achieve my third festival of the day: Convergence XIX. A national meetup for the Goth industry, what, By quite popular vote, chosen Austin as this year's site, Convergence is more summit and less festival. As expected, ended up being lots of guys in leather boots, males in corsets, Black hair dye in all directions, And I was the only person wearing a yellow shirt.

within the inside Beerland, I found Lacy Rose in full Victorian gown and powdered wig, Playing operatic ghost songs on a harpsichord with a small ancient ensemble behind her.

"You're optimal audience I've ever had, Gushed a nearby between haunted melodies. "it is because we're all from the same soul the same dark soul,

very high from Reggae Fest, I got a little creeped out and escaped next door to Elysium where lanky rocker William Faith and his Chicagobased concern the Bellwether Syndicate pummeled the crowd with some muscular Gothic rock. Next, Guitar and synth NYC trio Led Er Est unleashed an untailored swell of psychedelic drone guitar, analog blips, And property or home beats.

On Elysium's full of life patio, I met one of Convergence's friendly local organizers, Guymon Adams.

"This is the subterranean right here, He told me not in mention of the the woman in a pyramid spiked bra and leather suit standing near us, But the actual Goth scene and its musical, panache, And style. of living interests.

"Convergence is a DIY event without authority that moves every year, So in a way it's about the host city showing itself off, he was quoted saying. "It exhibits our local bands, Our local musicians, Our companies, And local sights the fact that the events are centered around,

This year's office meeting offered cemetery tours and bat viewing boat rides.

"Goths watching bats that's just such a seamless context, He jeered. "Austin's built for an event such as this, And we're so used to festivals and conferences that we can put this on and never miss a beat,

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