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Garza was Bears' top lineman

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Some observers speculated that UGG Boots Cyber Monday Roberto Garza's standing as the right guard was in jeopardy after the Bears signed Frank Omiyale to a contract just hours into free agency.

That's proven not to be the caseOmiyale is the favorite to lock down the left guard job when training camp opens. Just today another observer produced evidence that helps explain why Garza isn't going anywhere. He's halfway through the NFC North (having also completed a review of the Detroit Lions) and Joyner has already knocked out the AFC East, NFC West, NFC East, AFC North and AFC South, meaning he's nearly threefourths of the way through the league with just the AFC West and NFC South remaining after he polishes off Green Bay and Minnesota.

What do his findings show? Not only was Garza the best lineman for the Bears last season, he was among the best right guards in football. His numbers are superior to some Pro Bowl guards. Before we jump into the numbers, let's try to make sense of them.

Joyner's system, which will be published in Scientific Football 2009 a little later on this summer, is based on what he calls the Point of Attack (or POA). It tracks how often a blocker is at the POA where a running play is directed. We'll let him describe it:

"It is not based on the location of the block but rather specifically tracks which blockers were actually at Cyber Monday UGGs Outlet the point of attack. a POA win) if the blocker created a lane through which the runner could go.

"If the blocker is beaten at the POA, I segment those losses into five categories: Gap stuff (blocker gets stopped at POA); Defeated block (defender gets past blocker at POA); Pushed into backfield/POA (blocker gets moved into backfield/POA and negatively impacts runner's progress); Penetration (defender gets past blocker and makes contact with ballcarrier in backfield); Stringout (defender strings run to outside out). The last formula takes into account run penalties. holding, illegal use of hands, etc.) Cyber Monday UGGs Sale counts as a POA loss and a defensive penalty as a POA win."

Joyner considers an 80 percent net POA winning percentage to be acceptable. He charts the number of yards gained/lost on each POA run for a lineman. The chart below shows that not only did Garza do well last season, so did Josh Beekman, who will be in competition with Omiyale at left guard.

Lineman 2013 Cyber Monday UGGs POA attempts Yards Avg. POA Pct.

RG Roberto Garza 205 960 4.7 88.3

LG Josh Beekman 175 834 4.8 85.7

C Olin Kreutz 168 726 4.3 81.5

LT John St. Clair 112 459 4.1 79.5

Kreutz may have been fourth on the list but the winning percentage for centers was typically lower than the other positions, possibly a function of them having to snap the ball before engaging their man. The New York Jets' Nick Mangold is tops at 94.3. Kreutz is ahead of Jason Brown, who signed a $37.5 million, fiveyear contract to move from Baltimore to St. Louis. Brown checked in at 81.0.

Garza is ahead of the three Pro Bowl guards that Joyner has complete metrics on:

Steve Hutchinson, Minnesota INC

Finally, newcomers Orlando Pace and Kevin Shaffer both fared better than what the Bears had at the left and right tackle positions last season. Here are their numbers:

Lineman POA attempts Yards Avg. POA Pct. Cyber Monday UGGs

LT Orlando Pace, St. Louis 103 502 4.9 83.5

RT Kevin Shaffer, Cleveland 99 437 4.4 87.9

If the Bears are counting on Beekman and Shaffer as primary backups for 2009, with Dan Buenning also expected to be in the mix, that's a nice foundation when you consider Joyner's run metrics. Later in the week we'll take a look at how the Bears stack up against the rest of the division.

By jclasen on July 20, 2009 6:19 PM

Good to hear this news from somebody that has Cyber Monday UGGs On Sale actually broken down some game tape. A lot of these dudes have been bagging on Garza based on little to no film study. Go Bears!

Breaking down game film and knowing what you are looking at are two different things. According to Joyner Garza was number 1 and Beekman was right behind him at number two. Cyber Monday UGG Boots According to Harry Hiestand Beekman was not good enough and another guy was brought in for the job. Me I will go with Hiestand. Maybe Joyner will next tell Dave Toub how to judge his players on special teams.

What flaws are there is Joyner's system? Well do you see anything about Pass protection? No offense but Mully showed on this site that the Bears could do little more than a 3 step drop last year. Or do you see anything that says the ball carrier juked the defender in the backfield. How many times last year did we see Forte juke a guy in the backfield? I don't know about you guys but I saw it happen a lot. Then you have to ask yourself how many times did Garza get down field to the second level while he was blocking? Or how about those short yardage situations? We didn't exactly bowl anyone over at the line of scrimage did we? 2nd and 1, then third and 1, then forth and 1. Power O baby. Once again Joyner picks one thing to judge a guy on and ignores the rest of his abilities and what they do and what their job is. Garza has always been a decent run blocker, he is just not very good in pass protection and getting to the second level. It has also helped him playing next to Olin and Tait his entire time here. He is a one demensional guard with limited athletic ability.

You can see the lack of quality in Joyner's system with the fact that Beekman the number two guy on his list has been replaced. I would take Faneca over Garza in a second, you have got to be kidding me with this stuff.

Brad why do you love Joyner so much? You cannot stop writing about the guy.

Oh boy Joyner has a new system and it is full proof. I bet Joyner says he has a system to win in Vegas too. Get real.

I never really paid much attention to this Joyner till this year. He doesn't seem like a very smart guy! He takes a guy Cutler and who's been to a probowl and is for sure a top 10 QB in the league and compares him to Grossman, but He says Garza is better than most guys that went to the probowl at his position? I'm not an expert but I am a big fan of the NFL and I can say this much, this guy is a dork! He goes about making a grading system in anyway he feels and tries to make his point by using his own system. Im for anyone who sticks up for the Bears, but this is a pretty stupid assesment. I agree Cutler is young and forces the ball sometimes, but thats part of football especially when your teams behind. To say UGGs Cyber Monday Garza's better than guys that went to the probowl last year is a knock against the NFL and the fans. I like every Bear but don't like Joyner! Another overpaid, uneducated, don't know if he ever played(?) analist!

I have felt that Garza was our best lineman last season, and am glad to see some support for that idea. Yes, getting blown up by Chris Harris was bad, but that's two plays out of a season. Taken as a whole, he did a good job. Watching some Forte highlights, I started to notice how quickly he sealed off his guy and opened the lane for Beekman to pull through.

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