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Bystanders hit

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Bystanders hit

9:35am, EDT Owen Daniels Black Jersey

Empire State shooting: Bystanders hit by police roundsAfter 58yearold Jeffrey Johnson shot and killed his former coworker near the Empire State Building in New York City, police tried to stop him. As Johnson pointed his handgun at the officers, they opened fire and police now say it's likely all of the wounded pedestrians were hit by their stray bullets. NBC's Lester Holt reports. ET: A disgruntled former employee shot and killed an excoworker before being shot dead outside the Empire State Building by police, who sources said wounded nine bystanders as bullets sprayed across the crowded street during Friday morning rush.

The suspected gunman, Jeffrey Johnson, 58, who was laid off a year ago, approached a former coworker on the street and shot him three times, killing him, NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

Johnson's victim was identified, but as , 41, a vice president at Hazan Imports, where Johnson had worked until last year.

A police report from last year said that on April 27, 2011, Johnson threatened Ercolino, saying, "I am going to kill you."

Man accused of NYC gun attack was apparel designer, cat lover

A construction worker who witnessed the shooting incident Friday at 10 W. 33rd Street followed Johnson as he walked away and turned north on Fifth Avenue, Kelly said. The construction worker alerted police, who confronted Johnson.

Johnson was walking along the curb in front of the Empire State Building when he turned his .45caliber pistol on the officers and was killed as they opened fire, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

Police fired at least 14 times, Kelly said.

Those hit with police bullets likely suffered ricochet and graze wounds, mostly to the lower extremeties, said Paul Browne, an NYPD spokesman, told NBC News later Friday.

Six of the nine bystanders injured in the shooting were treated and released on Friday, NBC News reported, while three were admitted to hospital for nonlife threatening injuries, including one for elevated blood pressure.

Kelly said Johnson was a designer of women's accessories at Hazan Imports until he was laid off in a downsizing.

Johnson bought the .45caliber gun used in the shooting in 1991 in Florida, two law enforcement souces told NBC News. He was not licensed to carry arms in New York, they said.

He was wearing a gray suit and carrying a briefecase when he gunned down Ercolino, officials said. The gunman was then shot and killed at the scene.

When asked her if she had anything to say about Johnson, Mora said she did not.

Through photos and tweets, witnesses show chaos outside Empire State Building

Witnesses described a chaotic scene Friday morning on streets crowded with tourists and commuters alike.

"People were yelling 'Get down! Get down!", said Marc Engel, an accountant who Duane Brown Black Jersey was on a bus in the area when he heard the shots. "It took about 15 seconds, a lot of 'pop, pop, pop, pop, one shot after the other."

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