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stadium lights slowly pull the dark

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of bad boy, it seems that unconsciously, ushered in his first career 16 years.Metta World Peace although like change, but change is interviewed before he accepted the good habit. The reporter who interviewed him never get tired. Topics covered are, humorous, and he likes to laugh, talk, then it is also a bit Lengtou Qing taste. Who would not like that one interviewee. He was on the visitors' locker roo nike free run 3 salem at the stadium, the ridicule was the heyday of Jeremy Lin , it should be a change of style, hair cut, wearing leather pants. "In New York, fashion can not do without."Knicks first game of the new season, Metta World Peace is still the focus of the reporters. In the past 10 seasons inside, so trifling an interview mode, stop playing out. And he became from Ron Artest Metta World Peace, from the Lakers  of the 15th became the Knicks 51.'ve Seen too many great scenes Metta World Peace said with a smile to even the identity of the owner first appearance in front of the home crowd, he has also been a tense ages. Just as his hometown New York Knicks will not be his last stop, he began shaking his head against the old, said: "I have always been trained to eat healthy, but also healthy living, I might in this league effect for 21 years, as to whether breakthrough in the history of the longest 23 years, it can be choked. "But my goal is not just mixed mixed retirement. I would
to get more achievements. As he looked accomplishments have to retake a championship ring, Metta World Peace certainly say: "Of course, before retiring, if they can retake a championship ring will be the most perfect."Long drifting away, Metta World Peace has clearly not suited to some hometown. Even let him tell a favorite res   nike air max tn saletaurant, he do not decide, "New York has a lot of good, there is a street in the 44's, but I forgot what. Anyway, not Pizza Hut." When a reporter quipped Pizza Hut is a good choice, Metta World Peace shook his head and said: "Dude, you have to pick a point of how good eat."Talking, became engaged in small talk from the interview. Metta World Peace asked the reporters around him where they come from, ask the reporter from the Chinese, he proudly said: "I can also have their own micro-Bo." Until PR out "catch people," Metta World Peace also get enough like Aunt next door on the side, like a lot of female reporters greetings.Madison Square Garden stadium lights slowly pull the dark, Knicks in a row, facing the center of the field. Metta World Peace has become a team of representatives welcomed the arrival of fans in the audience. Such an arrangement is actually in line with this campaign coalition for 15 years, won a championship, and now home in glory figure. When he took the microphone, the audience has long been unable to bear the fans
excited applause boiling in this just spent $ 1 billion renovation of this has a 134-year history of the stadium. Over the past 15 years, New Yorkers have been unable to completely cheering for him so. Now, they can finally screams and applause given to thisHeat just beat the Bulls  today back to back away against the Philadelphia 76ers. The significance of the game is not just a regular season, because before Iverson announced officially retired. Therefore, commemorate and pay tribute to mean filling the arena.Sure enough, an opening, 76 people gave Miami a blow, 9-0 forced to stop opponents, they like to use this way to pay tribute to the AI. Carter - Williams, head start, and later assists Hawes jumper, Turner gre    nike air max 97 uket LeBron fly buckle after Carter - Williams third crashed network, neat. Heat the other hand, Chalmers consecutive missed jumper James also failed to hit.Pause back after the situation has not improved, Bosh  jumper bomb box out, Turner took

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