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Harden thereafter break crowd

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ieweiqi for the Magic scored 22 points and 16 rebounds, Aaron - Efulaluo 28 points, nine rebounds and five assists, Jameel - Nelson 18 points and eight assists. Place show Victor - Oladipo scored 14 points, six rebounds and four assists, Andrew - Nicholson 13 points and seven rebounds.Loew, Rubio and Pekovic trio together last season only played 15 minutes. Timberwolves greatest desire is that they can stay healthy, the team playoffs.Three at the same starter, Timberwolves first section to 38-27 double-digit advantage, but since then has been continuously back, double-digit loss of advantage will be eroded.Fourth quarter and 24.4 seconds when Afflalo layup, the Magic 101-100 exceeded. R   ubio is not in the cast, Oladipo hit two free throws, the Magic leading by three points. After the suspension, Lufkin pick Rubio tee shot on the cast, hit a three to tie the game. Magic final vote, the two teams into overtime.Pekovic and Martin are "three-point play," succeeded, the Timberwolves to 10-4 start overtime, in one fell swoop to 113-107 advantage. Magic at the last minute to narrow the gap to four points, but unable to comeback.Book ho  off the bench, scored 16 points and 2 assists. Dwight - Howard for the first time participate in the race on behalf of the rocket, the first half, grabbed 17 rebounds, scored 17 points and 26 rebounds, James - Harden 21 points and five

assists, Omer - Asik 4 of 5 stars 14 rebounds. Bench Francisco - Garcia 5 of 9 three-pointers, scored 19 points. Rockets in rebounds with 54-37 advantage.Josh - Mike Roberts scored 15 points for the Bobcats, Al - Al Jefferson 13 points and eight rebounds, Kemba - Walker 12 points and five assists, Gerald - Henderson 11 points. Bench Raymond - Sessions 14 points.Last year, the Rockets get Harden, they entered the playoffs. This year has been a rocket Howard, they hope to go further.Summer's free agent market is very lively, a fish course, is the biggest Howard. Eventually he gave up the Lakers  other te  ams, preferring to take a pay cut chose rockets. The Lakers went through a disappointing season, Howard wanted to find his own rocket.Bobcats summer has been enhanced. Coach Steve - Clifford think their short board is rebounding, so the summer attracted Al - Al Jefferson. Coupled with the NBA Draft has been 7-footer Cody - Zeller, they hope to be strengthened in this regard. But on the face of rebounding battle monsters Howard, is simply a disaster for them.Howard did not let the Bobcats inside an advantage, the first half, grabbed 17 rebounds, just three fewer than the Bobcats team. Controlled the rebounds rockets at the scene with minor dominant.Bobcats to a 6-0 start, the Rockets played the game three minutes after the shot hit the third from

Beverly. Harden thereafter break crowd, but when they were Mike Roberts layup caps, Howard pounced from behind, direct the ball into the basket, rocket launch 8-0 counterattack, beyond the score.Jeremy Lin off the bench, the first section there are 2 minutes 21 seconds, Harden pretending to break suddenly pass to Jeremy Lin, who firmly hit the third, the two sides battle 14-14. After the first section, the Rockets to 17-19 behind two points.Jeremy Lin foul twice in the second quarter, three of four penalties, this section there are 7 minutes and 55 seconds, he break layup after the Rockets to a 27-26 lead. But then in defense, Lin chin injury, blood  
 flowing down along the neck, just get on the sidelines for treatment. Harden and Howard turns to attack, while Garcia twice third succeeded, in this section there are 3 minutes, the Rockets to a 41-31 double-digit advantage. Jeremy Lin and without problems, then return to the court, the Rockets dominated the first half to 45-39.Jeremy Lin was 2 3 half had 8 points, but no assists. The same bench Garcia scored 14 points. Howard had five points, but half grabbed 17 boards, only three less than the Bobcats team. Walker scored 12 points for the Bobcats.Howard Brush half rebounds slowed, the Rockets have been Bobcats violent counterattack. More than half of the third quarter, then Jeremy Howard pass, easy dunk, the Rockets still

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