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defeated crosstown rival Clippers

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ense, the Warriors to be able to quickly opened the score in the game to establish superiority. Iguodala is not only to bring the Warriors defense, and his ability to pass and run the floor, section III, a fast break he shot back pass teammate impressive. Because the presence of Andre Iguodala, the Warriors in the attack more than one organizer, Curry alleviate a lot of pressure, they also point outside thenike air max 2013 cheap     addition of a killer. In terms of the starting lineup, the Warriors starting strength significantly increased over last season, as long as Bogut can stay healthy during the season, the Warriors can definitely among the league's top first round of the column, and this will be their impact on the season The most powerful guarantee success.Last season as a whole, the Warriors have done quite well, they are quite on the offensive and defensive strength. And after the playoffs honed, plus offseason practice, the Warriors are still young players progress. From the point
 of view with your team, they also become more reasonable, inside there like Jermaine O'Neal, Speights this bench, their depth in the post to be assured that there are teams like Green, Barnes, Pakistan Feng Wei Ze Moer such young players, let them become the western one more terrible team, this season they will definitely give the Spurs, Rockets, Grizzlies and other western powers create no small trouble.Of course, because Jack's home, the Warriors bench lack of a leader, which may be one of their problems. For them, good or bad performance lineup will give their final season trend impact. But the season has only just begun, I believe Warriors management will make the appropriate adjustments according to the situation to them in recent years to build the team all the moves of view, they have the a  nike air max 90 cheap   bility to carry out the season on the bench depth of the reinforcement, thus ensuring the team There are more competitive.Cray - Thompson  the first half, scored 27 points, scored five of seven three-pointers, contributed 38 points. David - Lee had 24 points, eight rebounds and five assists before Stephen - Curry  down to become a supporting role, had 10 points and six assists. Andre - Andre Iguodala  Department of fighting with the Warriors scored seven points, four rebounds and four assists, Andrew - Andrew Bogut two points and eight rebounds.Bryant  - Bryant
unable to play last season, he was injured in a game against the Warriors. Steve - Nash  also break, the Lakers early collapse. Jody - Meeks scored 14 points, Paul - Gasol 12 points and seven rebounds, Steve - Blake 10 points. Xavier - Henry off the bench, scored 14 points, Jordan - Jordan Farmar 12 points, Chris - Chris Kaman and Wesley - Johnson 11 points each.Lakers fight back to back, in yesterday's game, the last one off the bench if fabulous, finally defeated crosstown rival Clippers .Last season, the Warriors have proven, the lack of any one person, they are very difficult to deal with. The first match of the new season, the Lakers also nike free 3.0 v4 running shoes   proved that in the absence Bryant - Bryant's case, they also have the ability to beat teams. But today is the Lakers back to back, against the Warriors, they account for less than cheap.Warriors usher in a healthy season. Summer got Andre Iguodala, plus the original Bogut and David - Lee, the basket has been very tough, give the library to provide strong support. New season, their goal is not only limited to the playoffs.Thompson hit the first shot on the third, the Warriors 5-0 start. Lakers after continuous long shot, in this section there are 10 minutes and 31 seconds, Nick - Young facing a defensive pull-up jumper, and finally hit the third. But to be on the long shot, the Lakers clearly not the Warriors opponent, since almost

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