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compared with last season

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opener with 96-83 victory over the Bobcats.As most watched an NBA summer signings, Howard in the audience in front of 18,083 fans Houston scored 17 points and tied his career-high 26 rebounds. Relying on the "Twin Towers" force grabbed 40 rebounds (Asik grabbed 14), total rebounds in the Rockets to 54-37 ahead in several areas. General Manager Daryl - Daryl Morey tweeted pronouncements: "You all are our rebounding."After the game, when a reporter asked if he could play last season, a game like that, Howard smiled and said: "From the pnike air max 97 sale  hysical condition, I am a bit suspect." He also said that some of last season, when he habits do not go do the thing. "My focus in basketball, but the body on the other side," he said, "I can not do anything, but I now than last season to be healthy and more."This is his first 63 games of Warcraft single game no less than 20 games, but World of Warcraft was not satisfied. "I really want to take off 30 rebounds," he joked, "I said before the game tonight, want to take 30 rebounds. Did not do that I am a little frustrating, but the next game I will continue to try . "In fact, for the game Warcraft refused to talk about. "I do not give yourself any pressure," he said, "I just want debut game, find fun, so back to my side as a player and I think that when you say to others too concerned about it, you would not be able to play like To match

"The fourth quarter, the Rockets played offensive frenzy, "Magic Teng mix" to a wave of 14-4 to seal the victory, especially Harden assists Howard finished a dunk to empty completely detonated Toyota Center. After the game, Harden gave the winning partner. "He's good," he said, "He ran the floor, snatching rebounds ...... he can finish at the end of the basket, he is one who can change the game."Bobcats coach Steve - Clifford with emotion, said: "They showed strength, we can not curb when needed They." For World of Warcraft, previously served as    nike air max 1 uk  Jeff - Van Gundy assistant, he also played for the Rockets said: "When he was healthy, he is the protector of Union excellent penalty area. watching his video game, and talk to him, I think he is now a lot of good health and his footwork is better, his game is full of energy. His outstanding physical condition, and very smart, as long as he like this, you can turn on both offense and defense are each an impact. "Last season, the Rockets are not only the fastest paced league teams, but also one of the highest offensive efficiency. But they are only a total of 7 points today's fast-break points."We did not play their most familiar way, we do not even like themselves in the field." Rockets coach Kevin - McHale said after the game, he even used "sticky" is the word to describe the performance of the rocket attack on the field. "There are many

 issues that we need to solve ...... In fact, we can still do better on the offensive end, but can no longer play smoother number, so we definitely need to continue efforts to ...... the game, we still have some bright spots . "However, not the whole team just pummeled the Los Angeles Lakers , but the progress of the Golden State Warriors, but obvious, compared with last season, and their strength have improved. As long as the players can remain healthy during the season, the Warriors will be a very competitive western teams.Warriors in last season's surprise risenike air max 2014 cheap  of so many people, especially in the playoffs, they overturned the Nuggets into the Western Conference semifinals, won in the west to the later Spurs made great trouble, that all people are looking forward to this season, the Warriors performance. Not surprisingly, compared with last season, the Warriors strength in the season, there has been not a small improvement, as evidenced by today pummeled one of the Lakers. Even Curry  only get 10 points, but they still win by 31 points and the Lakers, as a pitcher Thompson archery increasingly sophisticated, insider David - Lee and Andrew Bogut with increasingly understanding.It is worth noting that Iguodala 's arrival, he joined the team directly Feng Wei reinforcing defensive line, he can go inside to fill the seats, it is effectively locked inside the

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