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every game pocket bomb blasted

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Chinese teenager Zhao Xin Tong at the National Championship game defeat to Marco Fu 2 to 6 , the dark horse of the road stop the elimination round, while Ding Junhui  in yesterday's game with a 6-1 victory over Ma Hugh Stevens, the next game he will be against "grinding King" Ebdon2013 World Snooker  International Championship will enter the 1/4 finals of the contest, the Chinese army will have three strong players shocks four seats, Ding  and Liang Wenbo  will usher in two Bit former world champion golfer of the contest, while Marco Fu  will face last season'  s MVP Mark - Selby , Ryan - wearing against Joe - Perry.In the elimination of Matthew - Stevens after Ding Junhui world ranking points than Trump  rose to third place, tied Wattana Asian players ranked highest on record, but because the front of Sale than the same into the Top 8, even if the eventual champion Ding Junhui, still unable to shake Selby 2nd position.Ding Junhui 1/4 final opponents are friends Ebdon, Once upon a time, Ebdon also lucky star Ding Junhui, China in 2012 before a game, Ding Junhui and Peter Ebdon grips 13, 11 wins and 2 losses Ding Junhui occupy almost overwhelming advantage interesting to note that among the 11 victories, Ding Junhui in which eight race to achieve four crown four Asian good results. However, the last in 2012, the situation seems to have changed a lot, Ebdon twice successively in Beijin

g and Australia beat Ding Junhui, two games played a total of 18 Board, total time over nine hours, with an average half-hour innings ball, Ebdon his own strongest side - "grinder" is almost play to the fullest extent.In tough to beat Cao Yupeng  after Ding Junhui after two race wins are more relaxed, his condition gradually to achieve the best, but on whether the state can beat Ding Junhui this old mill king, I am afraid there are some variables because Ebdon This tournament performance i   s also quite good, especially in the last 16 Robertson confront the world's top-ranked game, Ebdon played in the latter half of 2002 he won the world championship style, has 6 consecutive single shot 50 Bureau performance, the final 6-5 win over Melbourne machine if Ebdon then outstanding offensive performance, matched suffering fans criticized mill workers, even if the peak period of Higgins and O'Sullivan , it will probably face enormous trouble. If the continuation of the previous Ebdon feel, Ding Junhui will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of winning a lot.In silence for more than three years later, Liang Wenbo and finally recovered the self in this tournament, after the reversal O'Sullivan, Liang Wenbo significantly increase confidence, after a 6-1 win over Youyi outstanding performance of the season Mark - Davis , Liang Wenbo 1/4 final opponent is 2006 world champion Dott,

the latter also in silence for a long period of time in this tournament back the state. Before two games, every game pocket bomb blasted a Pobai and three 55, and feel is also very hot, they have had four times before the fight, and more particularly 3 wins and 1 unbeaten.Objective analysis of the overall strength of Dort slightly stronger than Liang Wenbo, but slowly, Liang Wenbo now possible to give the shot rhythm Dott fatal bl ow, because Dott is also a relatively little impatient temper golfers, Masters semifinals this year , Selby Dott was disturbed by the mill workers, and ultimately defeated, Dott bluntly after the game play is very boring Selby, Dott dissatisfaction reflects his players for this slow-paced frustration, this may be a major breakthrough LiangWenBo win.In Beijing the afternoon, Marco Fu will confront Mark - Selby, Marco Fu tournament overall feel even better than his winning time also excellent race in Australia, before the three matches 18 wins, Marco Fu surprisingly accomplished two broken one hundred, 13 single shot 50, CCTV commentary guests feel Marco Fu Xu Xinjian bluntly back in business for a period of 97-98, while Selby Plains before three competitions in addition to the more difficult to win the game, the other two are also win more relaxed. Leicester clown more or rely on slow controlled play to suppress the opponent's firepower

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