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at least several dozen sheets

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taken to hospital.Gambling guy cause psychotic episodes in the 170,000 doctors beaten2012, in Karamay young man working a certain item, because winning the lottery too excited. Cause psychotic episodes, catch up in the hospital beating doctors, medical staff strength uniforms.Police said a young guy Xiang Sichuan to Karamay wage workers, usually taciturn, has always insisted on buying lottery reebok zig fuel running shoes tickets. In late May, the workers say they term a lottery of 17 million yuan, 50 yuan to borrow to accept the award. Workers to lend him 50 yuan after the entry of a person out of the door.In the afternoon, near the entry of a sudden illness at the bus terminal Kunlun Road police station to be sent back to the site. Soon after, he ran out of the site. Evening he returned to camp, there are many workers found him blisters and bleeding, took him to the hospital. The doctor gave him checks injury, the term of a sudden got up to go after the medical staff, his mouth kept shouting going to accept the award, so the security wrestled him to the ground control them.The communication, the police learned that the winning entry of a sudden excitement caused because of mental illness relapse. Police Proposal of a father and uncle brought him home
healing. Winning the lottery by the family to discuss their own solutionsSuddenly came the news that there is a player in the 27th of this month get rid of a large amount of pounds, was later picked up the stadium a cleaning aunt, this cleaning aunt picked up immediately made contact with the organizing committee, eventually the money back to the players hands intact, and the player, it was this game biggest stars O'Sullivan .Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Xiang Zuwei and Hui Dating, we learned that the incident took place in the afternoon of the 27th month, O'Sullivan has been staying afternoon  reebok zig tech mens running shoes practicing on the room to practice, "he should be out of the toilet was a result of the money out in the bathroom inside. "According cleaning staff foreman, the same day it is received that were cleaning aunt to make her go to the bathroom inside to add toilet paper, the result was unexpectedly found inside a pile pounds," when she do not know that in the end is which country's money, then listen to them to know the pound. "According to the foreman introduction, this cleaning aunt discovered that
someone out money, immediately made contact with her, "I came back only to see, at least several dozen sheets (money), plus a lot of cards, no wallet, all sandwiched with a clip. "Subsequently, foreman with this name Baojie Gong to find the organizing committee, and linked to the world TSU staff Ulrich, followed by Li Jing to find its owner O'Sullivan. "We then put the money back after O'Sullivan, O'Sullivan immediately pulled out from the top of a denomination that was handed the biggest names cleaning aunt, and she did not want to." One time cleaning to stay with this name repayment of the Organizing Committee staff told Chengdu Busin     nike air max classic bw for saleess Daily reporter.According to the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, World Federation of Taiwan is preparing to use the official name of the name of cleaning aunt to write a letter of thanks in recognition of her lost money. Yesterday, the Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Zeng Shitu and Lian Jizhe name cleaning aunt, but the frustration was too late, this cleaning aunt had to work, but the foreman said, "we usually can not contact her." In addition, because not able to get tickets O'Sullivan eventually had to return home tomorrow and then leave Chengdu.Another hearing yesterday, the

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