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think that friends are persecuting

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lottery ticket the first decade of the "Award", received These bonuses after Mengmou also very pleased, and gave her father expressed per 100 yuan reward, but after winning her husband's spirit will be some exceptions, like buying a lottery ticket no later, so the spirit becomes manic, until this occurs curtain tragedy. She said that since her husband to buy lottery tickets in Hebei fascinated, the work will make money to buy lottery tickets. This year her husband has no more contact with the lottery in the home, so the mental state has been relatively   nike air max 97 for salestable, but, after the onset of winning. According to the police arrested Mengmou memories Mengmou was captured when his mouth still shouting a string of three numbers, sounds like a lottery number. In the police inquiry, did not forget to talk about the lottery Mengmou knowledge.Man ho throw 7,000 yuan to buy lottery tickets without fruit drink some pesticide suicideAlien man Xiamou dream "flourishes" insanity lottery, betting ho throw one in one thousand seven, nothing even after ingesting pesticide suicide, but fortunately was promptly
sent to hospital before police turned the corner.August 28 evening 11 o'clock, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, Chaoyang police patrolling police received a report that a bank Chaoyang Road entrance lay a man, unconscious. Police immediately rushed to the scene and found the man eyes wide open, foaming at the mouth, confusion, immediately call 120 to be sent to hospital for emergency treatment. She was diagnosed that the man drank pesticide, but fortunately timely delivered.Upon learning of the situation, the police quickly identified according to man carrying their identity documents and notified to their families and work units. Department learned from his colleagues: the man called Xiamou,   nike air max 1 womens Kunshan, from the field to work, now star road a warehouse work, usually fond of lottery tickets, always fantasy can "flourishes." August 27, Xiamou after work actually in a lottery shop at once "bet" seven one thousand, subsequently unable to contact him. Did not think he would actually go drink some pesticide.Because the timely rescue Xiamou wake up in the morning on the 29th, to express his lottery once used due to some one thousand seven but found nothing, felt unable to explain to his family, a moment of weakness drank pesticide, now is regret.Men suffering from mental illness, but winning twice brandished a knife and cutting veins by the police to stop suicideNovember 2009

, Chengdu, a man surnamed Wang to buy lottery tickets for the first time will be in the $ 400 to buy the next day, and in a 500. Arguably, such a continuous winning people too happy, but he began to "chaos", always worried, suspicious, then began to think that friends are persecuting him. Even walking down the street on the run into the car, thank nike air max 90 em cheaps to his friends pulled. Then a friend sent him to a psychiatrist at the consulting psychiatrist said after understanding this is not the scope of psychological intervention, belonging to mental diseases, must be performed by specialized mental hospital for treatment. But did not expect the next day early in the morning accident. Pharaoh sided with a sharp blade against his neck arteries, the desire to commit suicide, in confrontation with the police four hours after being rescued and

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